5 New technology

Made : Mahmoud Tarek

Wall Mount Square Rainfall LED Shower Head

What a rainfall shower head offers in the most natural way you can have a shower. Before the invention of walk in showers, and other kinds of bathroom equipment designed for washing ourselves, people had primarily two options to choose from if they wanted to get clean – either the river, lake for which bath is the modern equivalent or the rainfall which is the modern equivalent for showers. Today with walk in showers we can rarely experience the same experience as our ancestors had while standing in the pouring rain. Rain shower head recreates the experience and gives us the most natural and invigorating shower.

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Concept of the aircraft of the future

Aircraft Concern Boeing presented the concept of the aircraft, which is equipped many modern screens. First of all the company proposes to use the ceiling space. Syndicate this image on it is offered in two ways – with installing huge flexible displays or using projectors.
During the flight, at ceiling can be demonstrated the flight information, photos and videos about the place of arrival, films and the like. It is also proposed to display an image of blue sky with clouds in the daytimeor a starry night. The backs of passenger seats, walls, shelves for hand luggage and the floor will not be left without upgrading – they too will be “decorated” displays or LED backlight.
According to the developers, the move will attract more passengers to the aircraft of their company. In addition, innovations should not hurt for purse of the company since the introduction of the ideas do not require alteration of the aircraft. That’s just like when the plane of the future will be released in the first flight, are not reported. Perhaps,he will remain just a beautiful concept

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The world’s first drone taxi

In the near future we can expect outbreak the autonomous passenger drones taxi. The Chinese company Ehang has decided not to be penny wise and constructed drone-age, which is designed to carry one passenger. Ehang 184 is completely self-contained, so the first time wishing to be not much, unless it comes to commercial use.
Independent drone has a weight of 200 kg, 4 folding “arms”,8 engines and propellers, dimensions 1447x3866x3899 mm, flight speed of 100 km / h and a flight time of 23 minutes, so enough for relatively close of flight. Load capacity – 100 kg. The device uses electric motors with total capacity of 106 kW.
The passenger is offered to place hand luggage in the luggage compartment, comfortable stay in a chair, wearing seatbelts, and choose a destination on the display 12-inch tablet, and then enjoy the view from the window or fast internet.
It is also important to note that the drone has no manual controls. It is fully autonomous. Therefore, if the to way something happen, it is likely the flight for the passenger will fail.
How to claim to Ehang, they already have a fully-functioning machines, and soon planned demonstration flights around the world, and the first commercial versions they want to launch later this year, which is doubtful, in particular because of the legal aspects.
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Concept of the artificial floating island

Conceptual invention rarely put into practice, but at the same time serve as a kind of engine engineering. Sometimes, however, such work goes beyond all conceivable limits. That’s what happened with the project to create the personal floating island.
Most recently Migaloo Private Submarine took up incarnation of an ambitious project called Kokomo Ailand. While this only the conceptual development, however, the current level of technology allow will fully implement all plans, say the engineers. It is about creating an artificial floating island with a penthouse.
Kokomo Ailand resembles an oil platform. The layout of many architectural elements of the project is the same as that of the offshore platform to the tower. But in fact, the “island” – a giant steam or even a kind of boat. Although complex and is mounted on four pillars, they are not at the bottom, but on special barges. Thanks to them, Kokomo Ailand can not just stand on the water, and swim. Creators of the project argue that the island will be able to develop a speed of 8 knots.