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A mind stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions. Oliver W. Holmes


As I think back to my earliest childhood memories, many of them are of the Holidays: Spending time with family and friends, eating my mom's world-famous chocolate chip cookies, and anxiously anticipating the gifts that Santa would bring.

In many ways, some things never change. Most of my best memories now are still centered around 'holidays' ― although they tend to be more of the adventurous kind ― and spending cherished time with loved ones, near and far. Perhaps most importantly, the excitement of a young boy who loved receiving gifts has transformed into a passion for giving of himself to the service of others. At the same time, the awareness of the many small, seemingly insignificant gifts that we receive every day ― a kind word of encouragement, a smile from a stranger, or a heartfelt note of appreciation from a client ― still fills me with so much excitement and joy ...

And so, this small note is full of happiness and best wishes for you and your family during this Holiday Season from the Muddy Shoe Team. We are so blessed and grateful for the gifts that you have given and shared with us this past year ― your love, support, guidance ― as we strive to reach our mission of helping people transform their lives, their communities, and the world through intentional travel. With love and gratitude to all ...

― Michael & the Muddy Shoe Team


As with any adventure, 2015 was a year of ups and downs, highs and lows, challenges and opportunities for MSA. In the same way that we work with clients on our programs, we took much-needed time to evaluate who we are and where we are now in our evolution, create a vision of where we want to be, and craft a strategic plan for how we are going to get there.

2015 was a year of transformation for us: We shifted focus from shorter programs to longer, more immersive experiences. We moved away from only running set-date trips to offering different ways for clients to 'get Muddy' with us, including our newly-launched Self-Guided Adventures and our Custom Programs. And perhaps most importantly, we recognized that trying to go it alone wasn't nearly as much fun as working with amazing partners to transform peoples' lives, so we developed exciting new partnerships with some of the world's most well-respected tour operators and accommodation providers to help spread the word about MSA.

Some of the highlights of our year included:


Looking ahead to 2016, we have some exciting new programs and services that you absolutely need to know about ...

Self-Guided Adventures

Getting ready to head out on your next big adventure? Let MSA support you in making it a truly life-changing, perspective-busting experience! Our Self-Guided Adventures (SGAs) are coaching packages designed for travelers who want to work with an MSA coach before, during, and after their adventure to make meaningful transformations in their life. Ready to travel the world and transform your life? Check out our SGAs!


2016 Guided Adventures

MSA's Guided Adventures combine physical activities, cultural experiences, powerful discussions, personal reflection, and one-on-one coaching and will push your comfort zones and inspire you to go on a journey of personal exploration, discovery, and transformation.

Our New e-Book is Available!

We're super-proud to announce that our new e-book, The Ultimate Guide to Transformational Travel, is now available for purchase! In the Guide, MSA Founder & Chief Adventure Officer Michael Bennett, Ed.D., combines his personal experiences traveling the world with his research findings into the transformational power of travel to offer 8 keys to a transformational experience. Packed with tips, strategies, and questions for you to consider before, during, and after your trip, the Guide is sure to help you make the most of your adventure.


Upcoming Speaking Events

Want to learn more about the Transformational Power of Travel? Join Michael at the following locations for a lively and interactive discussion about how travel can change your life!

... or contact MSA to have Michael speak at your next event!


Once again, from our Muddy Shoe family to you and yours, thank you for your love and support, and we look forward to seeing you on a Muddy Shoe Adventure in 2016!
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