Protist most wanted

By Asia winder


Volvox are colonial flagellates and very popular organism for classroom observation. The colony is large, measuring from 100-6000 micron across. The volvox is a sexual, asexual, unicellular, aquatic freshwater organism. Volvox are found in ponds, ditches, and even shallow puddles.

Volvox have chlorophyll and make their own food by photosynthesis. The volvox is the most developed in a series of genera that formed spherical, subspherical, Ellipsoidal.

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The volvox phylum is called green algae or chlorophyta. This organism is a plant. Like the land plants, green algae contain chlorophylls a and b, and store food as starch in their plastics Most species are flagellate in at least one stage of their life cycle.

The division of green algae contains both multicellular and unicellular. While most species live in freshwater habitats, others are adapted to a ride range environments.

To move the chlorophyta uses the flagellum.

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