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March 5, 2021

About Us

At Intermediate North, Home of the Dolphins, we value and honor our partnership with our families as we work cooperatively together to create a strong support system for our students as they develop during their time with us. I cannot begin to express how excited we are to watch our students transform into a young lady/gentleman as they graduate from our building. Working with adolescents during a pivotal period in their life is challenging, but very rewarding.

Our staff members have an excellent understanding of the early adolescent child and their development needs. They will educate your child through a variety of teaching experiences and resources. TRIN's staff shares a passion and enthusiasm for education and building on our student and school’s successes.

We recognize the how essential the parent-school partnership is for creating the optimal learning environment for your child. We rely on your support, participation, and cooperation. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. This collaborative effort will enable us to continue making your child’s experience a positive one and Intermediate North an amazing school.

Mrs. Lynn Fronzak, Principal

Ms. Janine Lange, Assistant Principal

Mr. Brian Blake, Assistant Principal

Ms. Kristen O'Leary, Guidance Coordinator

Phase 4 Transition

Dolphin Families,

We look forward and are so excited to be opening our school to Phase 4 Transition which includes 4 days of in-person instruction Monday - Thursday with a virtual school day on Friday. TRIN will begin this transition to Phase 4 on March 15, 2021. Students will enter the building @ 7:10AM and will be dismissed @ 11:15AM. Virtual Support Hours will continue to be 12:00PM - 1:35PM for our students and teachers.

Students who will be attending in-person are reminded that a daily Covid Screen Form will be required before boarding the school bus or entering the building. Students are also reminded that masks are required to be worn at all times. Please see the attached link for our district guidelines for mask wearing.

Thank You,

Lynn Fronzak


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Securly Classroom is a tool our teachers have access to that enables them to provide students with over-the-shoulder support. It allows the teacher a look into students’ screens* so that they can guide, monitor, and communicate with students when class is in session and students are signed into their district-provided Google accounts. Teachers can push out links, bring students to specific sites as a group, and guide them on their screens if they are struggling. Students can raise their hand if they have a question with the click of an icon and ask questions in a chat with the teacher if they need one-on-one support.

The program is enabled on all district chromebooks and is also accessible on non-district Chromebooks, Windows and Mac computers during class time when a student is signed into his/her district Google login. As a notification to students and parents that the program is in use, the district will be enabling a message box that will appear on the screen for students when a session is active.

*During a live session, the browser tab that a student has open is visible to teachers, as well as a listing of titles for other tabs. The teacher does not have access to the site or information on any other tabs and cannot navigate to those tabs; nor does the teacher have access to the computer’s desktop, menus or other programs.

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Spring Sports

Spring sports will be starting April 15th. Spring Sports include Boy's and Girl's Track, Softball and Baseball. In order to participate, you must have a sports physical cleared by the district physician. The LAST day to hand in a completed sports physical packet for the Spring season to the Nurse will be March 31, 2021.
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Special Education Parent Advisory Group (SEPAG)

The Toms River Special Education Parent Advisory Group (SEPAG) will hold its next virtual meeting on Tuesday, March 16th from 6pm-7pm. The topic is "Understanding your Child's IEP".

World Language

¡Bienvenida a la primavera! As we warmly welcome spring and say farewell to winter, world language students continue to learn and apply vocabulary and phrases to speak and engage in conversation about the world around them. Sixth grade students are learning about rooms of a house and comparing and contrasting the types of living spaces in various cultures, while seventh graders are examining weather and landforms. Eighth grade students are learning to describe themselves and others using words to talk about hair color, age, height, personality and other characteristics. They are also learning words that describe relationships to others in their family or social groups. All students are developing their oral language through the use of FlipGrid, which allows students multiple opportunities to practice language before recording a video response to a teacher prompt.

It really is amazing to see how quickly students learn language! Can you believe that in a few short weeks students are able to use context clues to read and interpret a text in Spanish? Try this fun interpretive reading exercise at home with your child to see if you can understand the general meaning:

“El 17 de marzo es el Día de San Patricio, y todos somos irlandeses y celebramos. El color especial es verde. Muchas personas usan ropa verde y comen un sándwich de carne especial. La planta especial es el trébol y el símbolo especial es el duende.”

So, how did you do?

March is Women's History Month – commemorating and encouraging the study and celebration of the vital role of women in American history. From civil rights activists, to astronauts and artists, Latina women have helped to shape the history and culture of our country. Learn about Ellen Ochoa, the first Hispanic woman astronaut in the world to go into space, or Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who became the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice in U.S. history. Check out a read aloud of her story, Turning Pages: My Life Story! You can read about these women and more by visiting 10 Inspiring Latinas Who’ve Made History.

Lastly, did you know that there are several language options available for students at the high school level beyond Spanish? Grade eight students were recently visited by high school language teachers who presented the Heritage Spanish, French, and German programs and clubs that are available as course options in high school. These language programs are rich with culture, authentic content, and real world connections. If you are interested in learning more about the language programs, please watch the videos linked below to hear from our language teacher experts!

Intermediate East/North German Video

Intermediate South German Video

Intermediate South/North/East French Video

Intermediate South/North/East Heritage Spanish Video

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Graduation Gown Information:

8th Grade graduation gown information can be found at the link below. I have scheduled a spring picture seating to include a cap and gown picture for our 8th grade students which may be used should we wish or need to implement a virtual option for graduation this year. In order to include all of our 8th graders in their caps and gowns, please order your gown soon.

Graduation Gown Link

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Yearbook Information:

Order your 2020-2021 yearbook now at Limited quantities will be available this year.

Any questions or concerns can be emailed to Ms. Castellano at