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Winning is ingrained in our society. Whether it’s in athletics, business, or life, winning has become a measurement of success and achievement. In Playing to Win, Hilary Levey Friedman Ph.D outlines how hyper-competition has exploded since the '80s in the U.S. From leisure activities such as soccer, chess, and dance to competitive cheerleading, beauty pageants, youth skateboarding, and youth golfing, there is a competition for everything. Friedman found that making everything competitive sends mixed messages. The message that you never want to stop striving to improve, ... can be good; the message that each event in life is an opportunity to beat someone else for another turn in the spotlight isn’t as positive.

But what does it really mean to win? Winning has been associated with being egocentric because of the idea that winning not only depends on you or I, but also the person we are competing with. The truth is, winning is not about performing better than others, but rather it is about performing to the best of our abilities.

The FIRST Robotics Program has the following vision and mission about winning. By requiring teams to compete alongside randomly assigned alliance partners, it promotes the concept of "Gracious Professionalism". With Gracious Professionalism, fierce competition and mutual gain are not separate notions. Gracious professionals learn and compete like crazy, but treat one another with respect and kindness in the process.

As noted in the Top 10 Differences Between Sports and Robotics, aside from being competitive on speed and accuracy, the emphasis in robotics is more about collaboration, learning new skills and problem solving. More important than winning, is the need to cultivate the ability to bounce back after a loss. Teaching resilience early sets kids up for success because they learn that failure isn't the end of the world – but rather a chance to try again -- graciously, and professionally. By helping young minds gain STEM skills through collaborative knowledge and teaching them to adapt to both failures and successes, we are shaping real winners. This is how our global society can continue to nurture and develop innovators such as those on the Miso Robotics team that created Flippy Robot.

This summer, IQuest has several opportunities for your child to get a headstart at honing their STEM skills and becoming a winner with Robotics I & II Camps! Robotics I camps are suitable for girls and boys new to programming the EV3 Robot. Robotics II are for returning campers who want to learn and apply more advanced sensors and programming skills. Limited to 8 students in each camp. IQuest Summer Camp Registrations are now open.


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4 Points Academy is a full time alternative education program geared towards families who are seeking an individually customized learning program for their child. Areas of studies include: Core Learning - Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, as well as Spanish & Chinese, music, physical education and more. Each child will have the opportunity to learn and grow at their own pace in a small group environment. Visit our website for more information and schedule to come to our open house! 512-991-7950.

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