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Hello 6th Grade Families! This is October's monthly update! Please take note of the important information below:


October 21 - Picture Day

November 7 - No School

November 8 - No School

November 11 - No School

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Monday, October 17 - Pajama Day! (No bed slippers)

Tuesday, October 18 - Twin Day! Find a friend and dress alike!

Wednesday, October 19 - Culture Day! Show pride for your heritage, wear the colors, bring a flag!

Thursday, October 20 - College/University Day!

Friday, October 21 - Red Carpet Day! Dress to impress!


Students no longer need to carry all of their books and supplies for the entire school day. The 6th-grade team lead teachers incorporated a scheduled locker time during the day. Students are now allowed to go to their lockers after Period 2. Students should feel better not having to carry everything all day to each class.


Parents, if you completed the Google form to allow your student to take their Chromebook home, please remember that it must be charged every night and brought back to school every day.


Students have been doing a nice job following the expectations listed below. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!

Please review the following with your student.

  • Students are to report to their seats at the start of lunch (assigned to tables by team).

  • Students are expected to return to their original seats after going through the lunch line.

  • Students are to remain seated at all times unless given permission by a staff member.

  • Students are not to wander around the cafeteria to visit friends.

  • Students are to use appropriate volume, language, and manners.

  • Students are to keep their area clean.

**Students who can not meet this expectation will be given consequences and parents will be contacted.


Students are expected to put their backpacks in their lockers each day.

Coats and/or jackets CANNOT be worn during the school day and must be placed in lockers upon arrival to school - hoodies can be worn during the day without the hood.

Cell phones must be powered off, placed in a Yondr pouch, and locked. Pouches should be placed in backpacks in lockers.

Forgot your pouch? Let your homeroom teacher or Dr. Thomas-Brown know and your phone can be stored in a safe place until the end of the day. Forgetting or losing your pouch is NOT a reason to be allowed to carry your phone in your pocket.

**Students are only allowed at their locker during the designated locker time assigned by their homeroom teacher.


Please review the following with your student.

  • NO see-through/sheer shirts, tank top shirts, tube tops, crop tops, bare backs, or short shorts.

  • NO “spaghetti strap” shirts.

  • NO hats, hoods, bonnets, or do-rags.

  • NO sunglasses.

  • NO reference to illegal or immoral behaviors or any type of profanity and/or racial slurs on clothing.

  • NO slippers.

  • Shorts, skirts, and dresses are to be of fingertip.

  • Pants are to be worn around the waist.

Have a Wonderful Week!!

"You Can't Hide That Panther Pride!"