Zebra Mussel


Zebra Mussel


Family Tree

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Mollusca

Class: Bivalvia

Order: Veneroida

Family: Dreissenidae


How many offspring produced?

zebra mussel will produce about five million eggs, 100,000 of which reach adulthood. The offspring of a single mussel will in turn produce a total of half a billion adult offspring.

It's native origin

The lakes of Southern Russian

The History of the problem?

When was introduced into US? The Zebra Mussel was observed in North America in 1988 in Lake St. Clair ( a body of water that is on the border between Michigan, USA, ans Ontario, Canada ).

Effects of its nonnative environment

What environmental and damage has it caused? Zebra Mussel are know to have caused alarming declines in population of fish, Zebra Mussel are also damage of boat hulls, plug water systems used in boat motors, air conditioners and heads and cause navigation buoys to bind.