The Catcher In The Rye

By: J.D Salinger

Holden Caufield

  • The Catcher in the Rye is a story about a 17 year old teen who faces difficulties during his transition from a teen to a adult. He refuses to grow up and does not want others to grow up either because they will lose their innocence. Holden throughout the story also shows an inability to hang around others. He also has been kicked out of many schools and says it's because he felt he was surrounded by phonies. Moreover, Holden suffers from loneliness, he lost his little brother Allie and does not get any attention from anyone. In the story he seeks attention but none is given. Holden has low confidence in his self, throughout the story he does not believe in his self and uses it for an excuse. He seeks hep in the novel but runs away when he hears something he does not like. At the end of the novel Holden shows that he may of changed. At the mental institution he said that he had missed people and that is a good sign for him.
  • What is a phony t Holden? In the book, Holden calls many people phonies and there rarely are people who aren't. To Holden a phony is someone who acts, talks, or dresses different depending on the crowd of individuals in front of them.
  • Phonies! Was that the reason why Holden Caufield did not have any friends, or was it because he did not want to grow up? In the book " The Catcher In Rye" Holden proclaims that many people are phonies, all of them are his age. Since Holden is a teen the people his age are now experiencing growth and are becoming adults. Holden on the other hand is interested, but fears the change and the jump to becoming an adult. Holden also shows his fear of growing up as he refuses to change. In the story Holden calls his-self dumb a couple of times but throughout the novels shows he is very intelligent. This is because he does not want to change the way he was.