LV Technology

By: Lucas Thibert


In iTrailer you make a trailer or movie about something that happened in your family. I chose my family trip to Mexico because it was a very fun experience. Also, you could make one about your daily routine.

Explain Everything

In the Explain Everything unit, you had to record yourself doing the steps of completing a math problem on the app Explain Everything. I did problem one, and it was about how many hours someone works a month. This project was cool because you could do something on your iPad, and record your voice at the same time.

Haiku Deck

For this unit, we had to make a presentation about our dream job. The presentation had to be 10 slides long, and consist of facts about the job. I thought it was cool because I learned how to use Haiku Deck, and I learned more about the job.


In the program, you learn how to easily code. It was cool because you feel smart, and you learn from professionals. This program taught me a lot about how to code.

Career Locker

On Career Locker, we planned our future like what college we wanted to go to for a certain job. It showed how much the college costed, and how much the job makes. The last thing we did was get to know ourselves better through quizzes and learn the difference between a two and four year college.

Learn To Type

In Learn To Type, we got practice typing. For warm-up every class, we have to type for five minutes. I've gotten faster and more accurate at typing while using this program.