Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry Review

Kennedy Smith

Plot Outline

A young girl, Cassie Logan, lives on her families farm in Mississippi. The family is often harassed because not many blacks at the time could own land, so the white people tried to fight by constantly making attempts to buy their land.

The kids do not quite understand why the African Americans face such cruelty. There has been many fires that have killed black people where no one gets blamed. The Logan family starts a boycott at the store where the people that started the most recent fire work. Shortly without another place for the blacks to shop many people return to the Wallace store. Meanwhile the farm has been attacked by angry white people harming Papa.

The Logan's are running short of money because the mother lost her job, and are forced to pay back a loan that they withdrew from the bank. Uncle Hammer was forced to sell his new car that he was so proud of to pay back the loan. One of Stacy's good friends T.J. got involved with some really bad theiving white teenage boysand ended up getting framed for a crime he did not commit. Papa saved him from getting hurt by setting fire to his own land to distract everyone. Although T.J.'s life is spared he still goes to jail, and the Logan family lost their land.


My Favorite Scene In The Book

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I made this comic strip for this scene in the book because this was an exciting scene for me. Cassie had a lot of built of anger for Lillian Jean so after befriending her she fights her and leaves her alone in the dark woods.

A Few Words From T.J.

One of my reporters went to visit one of the main characters in the book T.J. while he is serving his time in jail. Here it is

Reporter: "Is there anything that you would have done differently in your past?"

T.J.: First I would like to say that I would have never thought that I would end up here, in jail. I mean I was always so slick, and everything I did not think I would get caught. It happened though because I was hanging around some real snakes. If I could have taken anything back I would have never hung out with those guys. It was fun at first, the thrill and reward of stealing, but I wouldn't do it again no ma'am.

Reporter: What about what the father of the Logan family did for you?

T.J.: I'd rather not speak too much on that but just know that family is good people and I should have always stuck with them because I know they'd never do me wrong.

Reporter: Thank you so much for your time T.J.

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