Main projects in Technology


3 facts about this application

1. You can take short videos and add them together to make a longer video.

2. You can add funny sound affects to parts of you videos.

3. You can delete parts of videos by double clicking them.

4. You can choose different themes.


3 facts about this application

1. You can choose different themes example: scary, Romance.

2. Take videos from your camera roll and put them in the video slides.

3. You can change the tittles by clicking on them and delete or type.

Haiku Deck

3 facts about this application

1. Very similar to power point but a little more advanced.

2. You can drag slides by holding it and dragging it right or left.

3. On the home page the projects are slides and you can shift through left or right.

4. You can search for images and put them in slide for back grounds (warning: some of the images cost money!).

Explain Everything

3 facts about this application

1. You can take recordings of your voice and explain what you are doing.

2. You can change the order of slides by holding the slide and dragging it up or down.

3. You can draw on the slide or type or do both and change the type to a different color.

4. You can make the words bigger or smaller and put them in different positions.

Go Animate

3 facts about this application

1. You can make different environments in Go Animate.

2. You can put in different characters and put in different emotions.

3. You can put different objects in the video you are making.

4. You can put in other things like camera flashes and falling bombs to.