Need more customers

Confused about mobile

Let me help you

I want to help you gain more customers and make more profit . and for the first month I want to do this free for you . You don't have to take up my offer, and i will gladly remove anything you don't want . Ive started by building a Facebook page just for your business , next i'm going to get customers to you, i can also give your business a mobile website and an app for your businesss if you need it . forget Groupon and Wowcher , you can offer customers discounts via your website or app .

i charge between £150 and £450 per month depending on where you want your business to be , i guarantee my work and if for instance you have a bad month , you can stop , start my services , without a contract , and i also provide a non-disclosure agreement . that's my promise that i won't reveal anything about your business .

You'll also get exposure on our Stafford Facebook page - "Stafford-this is my town"

all i ask is that for the first month you can provide a small giveaway to entice customers , be it a haircut,manicure , book , game , free kebab etc etc dependant on your business .

This can even be by means of buy a haircut get a manicure free etc

find your business under your name i.e Mels hair Salon search facebook for Mels Hair Salon .if your not interested , simply mail "Cancel" and your business name to


24 Churchill Way


ST17 9NX