ESE Informational Workshop

August 23, 2016

Our Purpose Today

The purpose of today's workshop is to provide the ESE team and our team leaders with our school's ESE philosophy and plan. Based on the desire to provide all students with the richest academic environment possible, we are continuing to steer our ESE students to the Inclusion classroom model. The information contained in this workshop will explain the benefits of the Inclusion Model and review the expectations of all people involved in the ESE program. We will also cover the steps necessary for compliance with IDEA and State requirements.

The Agenda

  • Review terms and the law
  • Expectations between now and Sept. 8th
  • Expectations after Sept. 8th

Terms and Laws

In July 2013, Florida lawmakers inacted section 1003.57(f), Florida Statues (F.S.) which defines inclusion as follows:

...a student with a disability receiving education in a general education regular class setting, reflecting natural proportions and age-appropriate heterogeneous groups in core academic and elective or special areas within the school community; a student with a disability is a valued member of the classroom and school community; the teachers and administrators support universal education and have knowledge and support available to enable them to effectively teach all children; and access is provided to technical assistance in best practices, instructional methods, and supports tailored to the student's needs based on current research.

NBH Elementary Model

ESE students in K-5 are commingled with the general education students. There are 3 paras assigned to the kindergarten classes and 3 paras assigned to the 1st grade classes. These paras will work with ESE certified teachers if there is an ESE student in Kindergarten or First Grade. They will also provide any interventions to MTSS students as they are identified. These paras also assist the general education teachers with small group reading/math instruction with the entire kindergarten and first grade population. Each grade level from 2nd - 5th grades has 1 ESE para. The paras primarily assist ESE certified teachers with the ESE students, but they also are trained to provide MTSS interventions. The paras work with the students in MTSS Tier III during special area.

Mrs. Harper and Mrs. Weeks are our full time ESE teachers. They design their schedule to meet the unique needs of the ESE population. They will push in the regular education classes and oversee the instruction of the ESE students. They also provide time for students to use the resource room for testing when there are special accommodations in that area. Mrs. Harper and Mrs. Weeks will ensure that all provision of the IEPs are being strictly adhered to.

Expectations between now and Sept. 8th

Build relationships with students

Gather Data (FSA, Map, Benchmark, Grade level Dibels, below grade level dibels, DAR, etc)

Build relationships

Review cum files, MTSS data/files, and IEPs

Build relationships

Begin to practice basic classroom routine

Build relationships

Schedule meeting with ESE and Guidance for Sept. 6, 7, or 8th.

Build relationships

Attend SRA training and watch SRA teaching videos

Expectations after Sept. 8th

Begin to implement the routine established by teachers and ESE staff

Implement specifics of IEPs and MTSS plans

Classroom teachers, paras, and ESE teachers and paras working in tandem for all ESE students.

Keep communication wide open/ review/ revise if needed!