Stella & Dot by Melissa Braga

The Girfriend's Guide to Hosting!

Everything you need for a FABULOUS Stella & Dot Trunk Show!

Thank you for hosting a Stella & Dot Trunk Show!

You are going to love how simple & fabulous it is! In order to maximize the success of your Trunk Show, here are some tips that I have found to be useful for my hostesses!
My business would not exist without you, so I thank you so very much!

My Goal is to help you earn as much FREE jewlery as possible!

Think about much FREE jewelry would you like to earn? Start making your Wish List!

You can email it to me: when you've figured it out!

Typically my shows are $1,000+ in sales with a least 10-15 purchasing guests. That means at least $250 in free jewelry for you, plus four half-price items!! My job is to help you maximize your trunk show and get you as much free jewelry as possible, so let’s brainstorm a great guest list! Outside orders really help boost your free jewelry rewards as well!!

How do YOU earn the most Free Jewelry?!

*Aim for a $1,000+ Trunk Show which will unlock the maximum rewards- 25% in FREE jewelry plus four half-priced items! Here is a link for more information about our Hostess Rewards:

*Be my "business partner" at the Trunk Show. The more your friends see YOU playing with the jewels and trying everything on- the more inclined they are to follow suit! Feel free to help me style all your guests! If you see something one of your friends will love, stick it on her! She'll love the personal attention and styling ideas!

*Bling it on! Wear an top/outfit that is plain enough with a simple neckline/color so you can model all of the fabulous jewelry with your guests! Layer on the Stella & Dot and change up it during the night! You might dress up your outfit with the jewelry you hope to take home with your Hostess Rewards.

*A trunk show is as simple as a table & a bottle of wine! Plan to display the jewelry in the same room as the food & drinks! The kitchen is often the best place, if space allows (better lighting, and people always end up in the kitchen to socialize). Wherever the wine is, the jewelry should be too!

*The More the Merrier! Tips for encouraging Trunk Show attendance:

In order to ensure greater success (free jewelry!) for your time and effort as a hostess, OVER Invite! Invite 3-4 times as many guests as you would like to have because you will always have last minute cancellations or forgetful friends. Typically about 30% of those you invite will be able to make it to the trunk show :)

Everyone wants to be included & invited!! Mix it up with different groups of friends & encourage guests to bring a friend or two! Friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbors, community, kid (mom) friends.

Time to Party!

The day of the Trunk show I’ll arrive 20-30 minutes beforehand to set up. Simple snacks are all that’s needed- a couple bottles of wine, cheese & crackers are all we’d need. (Or for a morning Trunk Show- mini muffins, fruit, & pink lemonade work great!). The guests are so drawn into the jewelry, they barely take time to eat anything.

It’s super laid back- more like a “boutique jewelry store is opening in your home for a couple hours” than a “party,” so you can do whatever you’d like- but no chocolate fountains required! :) Honestly the simpler the better! I prefer the guests to think of it as a style event more than a ‘party’, so KISS - Keep it Simple & Stylish!