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How I Became a Loyal Time Fibre Internet Customer?

Having used TIME Internet for quite some time now, I can confidently state that it was one of the best choices I ever made. The internet service not only made me a satisfied customer, but also completely changed my internet experience. Having tried a few internet services, I was about to give up my search for the perfect internet service, when I saw one of the I must use php for Mac page. The advertisement claimed that Time Fibre internet has a 100% fiber optic network that would extend right up to my doorstep. Now this was something that was hard to believe and yet at the same time hard to ignore.

Being a tech geek, I knew if this was true, then I would have truly found the perfect internet service. Fiber optic cables rely on light signals carried through a glass tube and are installed underground away from all disturbances. This meant that there would be no breaks or downtimes and I would enjoy connectivity at lightning speeds. A bit more digging into the matter revealed that currently the 100% fiber optic network was only limited to areas under Time Fibre internet’s network coverage. Fortunately, my house lay well inside this network.

So I went ahead and decided on a 15 Mbps package, which cost me RM 179/month. I avoided the more expensive packages, since I wanted to test out the service first. Additionally, I was already being allotted 30 hours/month speed of 50 Mbps. The customer care staff at Time Fibre internet was quite friendly and within a matter of few days I had my internet connection all set up. I even got a DECT phone with my voice package.

After testing out the TIME Internet Malaysia service for just a month, I was sure that this was the perfect choice for me. There were no data limits and I was able to use the Time Fibre internet as much as I wanted. I quickly upgraded my service to the 30 Mbps package, worth RM 279/month and have been using it ever since. Get TIME fibre package now