The Enchanted Umbrella - England

Odette Meyers and Margot Zemach

The Enchanted Umbrella

An old man and his young assistant, Patou, worked in an umbrella shop. Meanwhile, the old man's nephew did nothing. When the old man was dying, he told the nephew to split his money equally with Patou. The lazy nephew didn't do it, and he kicked Patou out of the house. All he gave him was an old umbrella. When he was on the streets, it started to rain, so he opened it. The old umbrella pulled him off the ground. He flew around and met a rich couple. There was a tiger in the gardens, and he swooped down and saved them. To show their gratitude, they invited him to dinner. They gave him strong wine to make him fall asleep, and they took the umbrella. Then the mean couple threw him in the river, but his umbrella came and saved him. He washed up in a faraway kingdom, where they didn't even have umbrellas! They made him king because of his fabulous umbrella, and he taught them how to make umbrellas.