Michael Vey

By:Harrison Bensouda

This book is a 3.5 book level and 11 points.

Getting to know the characters

In the book Michael Vey there are many different characters in the book. The main character of course is Michael Vey. Then some of the other characters are Taylor, Ostin, Jack, Wade, and the group of Elgen. Michael Vey is kind of shy and is trust able. Taylor is very popular but is still nice and trustable. Ostin is also shy but still trustable. But Elgen is the bad guys or conflict in the story and are not trustable. You guys might be wondering what is Elgen? Don't worry I explain in my summary


In the beginning Michael Vey is just a normal kid. The 15 year old went to school. He had a math test. His best friend Ostin is the smartest kid in class and loves test. Then of course the most popular girl in school was Taylor. And Michael had a crush on her. After school Michael always got shoved into lockers by Jack and Wade, but this time they pinned him against a bush out by the school dumpsters. The reason they picked on him is because he has Tourettes syndrome. Tourettes syndrome is usually when you see people swearing, but this level of Tourettes syndrome is a lower level so Michael can only has tics. Tics are when you are really nervous or anxious he blinks a lot or makes gulping noises. Then Jack and Wade started to taunt him. But finally Michael had enough of it and BAM they all fell to the floor as Taylor was watching. Then Michael reveals he has electric powers. Taylor the next day asked him how he did it but tried to ignore the question. The only person who knew about is power was Ostin. Then he finally told Taylor about his electric power. But Taylor had a secret of herself. She could read minds and reboot people. He told Ostin about telling Taylor. As he talked to Taylor more about there life they found out the born at the same hospital. Since Taylor looked up the birth records they where all gone. Since Michael birthday was soon they decided to go to PizzaMax. He asked Taylor to go. She said she would come after cheerleading. But she never came. So he went to PizzaMax with Ostin. But when they where leaving PizzaMax they where abducted. Where they taking them to Elgen. Did Hatch do this to them? Read the book to find out.

My favorite character.

My favorite character is Michael because he has unique abilities that make him different which is cool. I could relate to Michael because he went through tough time times like me.

Changing the book

I loved the book as it was, so I would not change anything.

Would I recommend the book?

I would give this book a 4.5 stars out of 4.5 stars because it was just that good.

More than one.

After you read the first book and you want more there is a series of Michael Vey. There is 4 books in the series but more to come!