Willemstad Times

September 1942

The September edition of the Willemstad Times covers the latest news of what is going on in Willemstad.

Blind Boy Rescued From Stranded Cay and Has Returned

A blind boy has been rescued from a stranded cay in the devil's mouth and has returned to his home. He is now with his family. This boy by the name of Phillip Enright agreed to let our reporters interview him and tell his fantastic story.

Interveiw With Phillip

Reporter: So Phillip, how did you get on the raft?

Phillip: Well my mom and I boarded the S.S. Hato on a friday morning to go to Miami. Then two days later we were torpedoed by the Germans. Next thing I knew, I was on a raft with a black man and a cat.

Reporter: What did you think of the black man? Can you describe him?

Phillip: Well I didn't know much about him, I might have seen him on the boat once or twice. Other than that, all I knew about this man is that he was black and he was old. He was a very big man. He was very strong and seemed powerful to me.

Reporter: When did you find out you were blind? How did you feel?

Phillip: I dont know the exact date,but I do remember seeing nothing but blackness, though. I tried to lift the blackness, but I couldn't. I felt frightened. I didn't know what was going to happen.

Reporter: When Timothy told you that he saw an island how did you feel?

Phillip: I felt joy and I felt exitement. Then I fell off the side of the raft. Luckly Timothy was there to pull me back up on the raft. Those sharks could have gotten me.

Reporter: Once you were on the island and Timothy left to take a walk around the cay, you got scared. How come?

Phillip: I was scared because I didn't want to lose him. He was my only resource. If something were to happen to him, I wouldn't know what to do. It would be very hard to survive without him.

Reporter: When you found out Timothy was around seventy years of age, how did you feel?

Phillip: Once I found out he was that old, I figured out he was old enough die on this island.

I felt very firghtened, I didn't want to lose him.

Reporter: When Timothy thought stew cat was a jumbi (Evil spirit), How did you feel?

Phillip: I felt very scared, I didn't want to lose stew cat as much as I didn't to lose Timothy. It was very scary at the time.

Reporter: When the freak storm came and hit the island, how did you feel throughout the storm?

Phillip: I felt scared right when the storm hit, but when Timothy was protecting me, I felt like he really cared about me. I felt like he would risk his life for me. Once the storm was over and I saw on the ground, I didn't know what to do.

Reporter: When you found out Timothy was dead, how did you feel? Did you feel more confident about surviving?

Phillip: I felt bad I mean no one likes finding out that someone died, but I didn't cry, I just felt sad. I did feel more confident about surviving since Timothy taught me some survival skills so I can stay alive.

Reporter: When you saw that boat, how did you feel?

Phillip: I felt very happy and very relieved considering that I heard two plane engines and they didn't come get me. Once I got back home, my parents were elated and relieved to see me.

Lets Give Honor To the People Who Have Recently Passed Away


Timothy passed away on a stranded cay when a freak storm hit. He was trying to protect a blind boy by the name of Phillip Enright. He was protecting him from the debri that a freak storm threw at them. He was a special man because he helped this blind boy survive on a stranded cay and eventually was rescued. Timothy was a West Indian orphan that was born in Charlotte Amalie. He was raised by a woman by the name of Hannah Gumbs. He was a very kind man and was over seventy years of age when he passed away. Timothy worked as a deckhand for a very long time. He lifted very heavy thing and worked all day. This is probably where he learned all of his survival skills. We will always remember Timothy in our hearts. Even if he has passed away, his legacy will stay with us.
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World War 2 Update

World War 2 (August 1942)

World War 2 is still going on. Lets see what is happening right now.

It is said that a large number of Jewish people will be killed this month. On August 8th, 1942, the U.S.A execute 6 of 8 German spies. On August 9th, 1942, the famous Mohandis Gandhi (the nonviolent protester), was arrested for empending the war effort. On August 26,1942, almost half a million Nazi Germans and Romanian soldiers attacked the Red Army.

And that is your update on World War 2.

The Weather in Curacao

If you were planning to take a trip to Curacao, here would be what the weather would look like.
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The weather in Curacao will most likely be around these temperatures. It may vary a little but will probably be a nice day most of the time.