You Matter



I can truly say you always find the way to make my day. The little things that you say make me really happy even if you knew or didn't. I want to say that I honestly can't believe we're friends. Best Friends actually and you are just the greatest friend even though we don't hang out as much as other best friends do. When we talk on the phone we last hours and its funny because my mom is always asking me when I'm going to get off. Then when it comes to hanging up we last like thirty minutes trying to hang up. Remember when we we're on the phone and I made you sing Grenade by Bruno Mars? Well anyways I was so happy when you said yes to me that you wanted to be my dama. I was just surprised because I didn't expect you to say yes at all but you did and it was fun having practices with you. I miss that we use to see each other more. Well remember that one time where we went to the movies and we were laughing at a movie that wasn't supposed to be funny but it was freaking hilarious. I always have a great time when I hang out with you. Even though we've only been friends for 2 years I feel like i've known you for years. You're seriously like a sister to me. We have so much in common and it's funny. We always stay up late face timing or talking on the phone. We have so many memories together remember June 5th? At exactly 11:50 pm. Well of course you do or at least you better. When you told me you wanted to quit the soccer team I was really sad because the only reason I enjoy going to practices because I am going to see my best friend. When you don't come to practice I always text you to ask you why. Don't worry about what other people say because you matter to me. Well I would go on longer but I don't want to bore you. I just want you to know I love you. ♡