by: M Santich



In Athens neither woman nor slaves were citizens. Only Free Athenian born men were citizens.

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Athens was very famous for their acropolis. Athens was the first of the Greek city-states to develop a democracy.The leader of this direct democracy was Solon. He ruled during Ancient Athens' golden age in 594 B.C.


Athens is surrounded by mountains in the North, East, and West and by the Aegean and Cretan Sea in the South. Some of its bordering cities were Eretria, Plataea, Megara, and Thebes. Athens was famous for and the center of art and literature. Because of this many writers, artists, and philosophers lived in and traveled to Athens.
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In 431 B.C. Sparta declared war on Athens which ended up being the Peloponnesian War. After 21 years of fighting Athens finally surrendered to 404 B.C. After the Peloponnesian War King Philip II of Macedon planned to Build his on Empire toward the South on the weakened Greek city-states.