Appy Hour or Half Hour

Smashing Ideas: move students from consumers to creators

What is App Smashing?

App Smashing is the process of using more then one App to create a product/project. It is a highly engaging and challenges students to take their learning, their thinking and their creativity to a higher level.

Easy recipes for App Smashing

My favorite Apps - Mix and Match for more creativity

Guaranteed to be engaging! Differentiated and Creative too!

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to know how the App works? No, part of the learning process is to learn the app and students do this by trial and error.

Do I need to be flexible? Yes! With technology you have to be flexible. You can't control everything so don't even try!

I'm not creative. Can I do this? Yes, your students will amaze you with their creativity!

Give it a try!

Tellagami + Piccollage + Thinglink

Camera roll + Socrative