Mammoths Found in Waco!

By Joe Adkins

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New Mammoth Find

Recently, multiple preserved mammoths have been found in a Waco forest. There are 24 skeletons, 17 of which are there to stay. The animals are positioned in a way that suggests that they were protecting their young. Scientists speculate that this mass death of the mammoths all in one place is the result of flooding.

Now, people are trying to build a park around mammoths. People from all over the world can come see this astounding find, still intact. This learning hotspot will give everyone a chance to discover paleontology in it true form. The park will not only include this, but other interactive features for students to enjoy and learn about.

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Mammoths and Their Environmental Effects

Like all other species, the death of mammoths was not instant. It took around 500 years. After they were gone, the world had already changed a great deal, and the mammoths' deaths went unnoticed. Mammoths died without consequence.

The one main difference after the mammoths became extinct was the growth of more more trees. Trees were useless to the mammoths. Their leaves had no nutritional value to them, and they got in the way of the mammoth's grazing land, so they pushed them down.

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Mammoths and Their Interference With Religion

This incredible new find of mammoths has interfered with many religions and origin stories around the world, in which mammoths are nowhere to be found. We interviewed local priest, Albus Reginald Dinwiddie III, on his opinion of the new find and how they counteract the new discovery at his church.

"Seeing these mammoths," Albus remarked, "is proof that we may be wrong, and that's a scary thought. I get asked about [the find] on a regular basis, and I try not to give my peers and friends any false information. However, I have faith in the bible and I know that many parts of it are missing. I know that there has to be a mammoth in there somewhere. In the meantime, I try not to talk about it at church, and it is a generally uncomfortable situation."

New dinosaur

In other news, a very small dinosaur fossil has been found in the outskirts of Moscow. Scientists are calling it a velociraptor. Its body has a length of 30 cm, its tail has a length of 107 cm, its head has a length of 21 cm, and both its neck and foot had a length of 20 cm.

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