Learning Innovation Marker Series: Edition 3

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This newsletter lays out Ruamrudee International School's vision for each innovative learning marker and provides sample resources that can be used to further instructional practices in relation to the marker's goal. Click here to view all 6 Learning innovation markers with vision statements and indicators.

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Edition 2: Lifelong Learning

What are the qualities of learners who value and pursue creation?

A creative seeks to observe and analyze his or her context/environment to explore and understand its values in relation to the self. Working from within a context, the creator begins observing and expanding their environment, furthering their abilities, and developing conceptual perspectives through the pursuit of their interests. The creative blends various means of expression and develops new ideas and/or products designed to express unique personal experiences in a relevant way that inspires others’ to engage with the environment and their own interests.


  1. Observes and analyzes the environment in an active way

  2. Develops personal interests that helps define the self

  3. Expands beyond their initial observations and analysis

  4. Connects elements or ideas from similar or dissimilar sources or experiences

  5. Furthers their abilities and skills to express their ideas

  6. Develops transferable concepts and frameworks to remix various environments

  7. Shares well-designed, unique ideas/products with others as an expression of their self

Click here to view the curated Diigo Creativity resource.

--drafted by the HS Tech Liaison Committee

The Big Idea of Creativity

Creativity in a Big Sense

Creative opportunities are all around us. By actively engaging our surroundings, we can discover innumerable creative solutions. The video below quickly explores just some endeavors that can be considered creative.

We Need a Bigger Definition of Creativity

Creativity in Practice

Building a broader explanation of the factors driving creativity, the following video explores the value of tension and persistence that confronts many creative endeavors. From this starting point, the video explores how an individual’s neurological patterns and collaborative processing produce the ideas that drive various tools and methods. It also investigates the art of combining disparate ideas into something new that can be shared out in a positive, constructive manner for future improvement. One of the best and most informative video for anyone interested in understanding the creative process more thoroughly. (Indicators 4, 6, & 7)
How To Be Creative | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios

Creation: The Start and Growth

Where Good Ideas Come From

These shared newsletters are my personal way of connecting various daily readings and experience. Moreover, these shared resources are meant to provide a smattering of connected thoughts themed in a way that you might find a nugget of insight for your own personal or instructional experience. The following video explores how environment and time assist the development of innovative ideas. It further posits that the networking of various ‘hunches’ increases the likeliness you will create a new insight through creativity’s puzzle-making process. (Indicator 1, 3, 7)


Thinking Inside the Box

The following video explores the metaphor of one’s box. Creativity is not just breaking outside the box; it is also related to what you do with your personal box. The metaphoric box can be viewed as the elements that make up our environment. We are constantly consuming the things around us. The moment we begin to consciously observe and enjoy the elements that make up our environment is when we become active with it. From here, we can start to critically consume or explore in detail the things that interest us and evaluate why we enjoy them. Creativity starts with our box, spurs us to find new ways to shape it, and motivates us to expand the box beyond our initial observations. (Indicator 3)

Think Inside the Box: The Power of Creative Constraint

The Importance of the Box

Haven’t had your fill of the box metaphor yet? Well don’t fret! Below is another video that examines the need for boxes in order to be creative. Michael Barr jars us into asking questions like:

  • What is the box that incubates and spurs our creative endeavours?

  • What is my box for today? What are my limits?

  • How can the elements in my box help me develop my skills and thoughts?

  • What are some ways I can reach out of the box to find new different ways of doing things?

  • How can I remix the various ideas and material I encounter into something new and different?
Thinking outside the box requires a box: Michael Bahr at TEDxSUU

Creative Tension

Frustration can lead to Creativity

Creative greats in all modalities produce some of their most spectacular work as a result of limitations. Messy environments and unreasonable limitations can produce a tension that forces us to problem solve in a way that produces something very unique. In his Ted Talk below, Tim Harford examines various stories and studies that proves difficulty can produce higher quality work. (Indicator 5)
How messy problems can inspire creativity. TED, Tim Harford, London, 2015.

Creativity as Problem Solving

The following video posits that problem solving is a key driver in producing something worthwhile. Soaking in negative capability and expanding abilities in a sense of uncertainty motivates one to find a new solution to an old problem.

How Does Creativity Help Solve Problems?

Possible Classroom Integration

Professional Development Opportunity

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