Criminals rights are being violated all the time

Convicts rights are being violated

The american convicts have rights that are being violated under section 3 of the Universal declaration of human rights.In America there is a lethal injection to kill the person ,In India they are hanged or either shot in the head.This topic is important because the convict is killed slowly with the shot and in India they are killed cold blooded and they go through the pain.Only people that are in death row are killed or that have committed a crime that to them is for them to kill the person.It affects the families of the convict and society because it keeps them under control for the fear of getting killed.This is a problem because in most cases they kill the wrong person while the real one is still alive.Their death are slow and painful,but also fast and non-painful.

National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

This has information on how their movement is trying to stop executions.There you can fin information.

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