St. Perpetua

Feast Date: March 7th

The Beginning

  • Perpetua was born in the year 181.
  • She lived in Carthage, North Africa.

About St. Perpetua's Life

St. Perpetua was a well-educated, noble woman. Perpetua was raised in a rich, pagan family, but she later converted to become Christian. In North Africa, it was illegal to be Christian, and so Perpetua, at the age of 22, faced execution. Perpetua was joined by her maid and friend, Felicity, and they were killed in a local amphitheater in front of thousands of people. Both Perpetua and Felicity became saints.

Perpetua as a Saint

  • St. Perpetua was attacked by wild beasts and beheaded on March 7, 203 in Carthage, North Africa.
  • She was canonized Pre-congregation, which means before the church established a system of declaring saints.
  • Her feast date is March 7th. She shares this feast date with St. Felicity.
  • She is the patron saint of cattle, martyrs, and Catalonia, Spain.
  • One way I could practice what St. Perpetua stood for would be to always believe in my faith and to never doubt what I believe. I also could defend it at all costs.