Magic towns

history of the place

Where abundant grass') commonly nicknamed Zacatlán apples, n. 1 cultivation being one of its main economic activities, is one of the 217 municipalities of the Mexican state of Puebla. It is located northwest of the state, at an average altitude of 2040 meters and belongs to the first socioeconomic region of State.5 Its head is the city of Zacatlan, which is recognized by the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico as a magical town

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main tourist places

This dramatic drop is 40 minutes Zacatlán, touring the south entrance and taking the road to Apizaco in just 15 minutes to reach the area stops San Isidro Tomatlán and left is entered by a dirt road that leads to Quetzalapa surely delight lovers of adrenaline. Magic, Nature, Tulimán is "a dream come true
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STONES Encimadas

Near Zacatlán within 25 km, is the Valley of Stones Encimadas, rocks forming spectacular figures, between 10 and 20 meters high, also surrounded by pine trees ..

It is believed that the creation of these works is due to the erosion of limestone, with the help of rains and winds.

Imagination has no limits, each visitor figures attributed to a different meaning, elephants, camels, turtles, human faces, and many more ..

Most of the sculptures are scattered among the vegetation which is ideal to make walking tours following the trails that allow admire the most famous stones; and visit a nearby waterfall

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Its construction began in 1562 and concluded in 1567. The temple is a basilica and now the oldest in the state of Puebla. Former Franciscan convent served as headquarters to spread the prehispanic culture; one of the priors was Fray Juan de Torquemada, which began here his work

"Monarquia indiana" about the life and customs of the natives. Another illustrious Franciscan who visited several times the convent was Fray Toribio de Benavente

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