Albert Einstein

Smartest man of his time.

Albert the Scientist

Albert was the most famous scientist of his time era. He was so intelligent in science and math that most people didn't understand what he was saying. Einstein would go on to do many great things and discover new things such as E=mc2. He said that if things moved at the speed of light weird things would happen such as time going by slower. He also said that even the smallest grain of sand has unimaginable energy.

Albert as a Kid

Albert was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm Germany. As he got older he started school he excelled in math and science but other subjects he struggled. He would linger over his answers and repeat them in his head many times. His teachers thought he was very odd. His parents invited a medical student Named Max and He and Max became friends. Max would give Albert math books and he would finish them all quickly. He is forced to join the military but get sick and is given permission to leave. He later went to college and eventually got married. He went on with his studies and had many discoveries.