A place valued of beauty!

The Basics

Venezuela is located in Northern South America, bordering the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, between Colombia and Guyana. The climate in Venezuela is considered to be a tropical. This includes hot and humid weather conditions that is typically more moderate in highlands. The Northern portion of the country is a less elevated portion of the Andes Mountain range. Angel Falls is 3,212 ft. high and is not only considered the highest waterfall in the world but also an extraordinary geographical feature of Venezuela.

How to fit in

In Venezuela there are a lot of diverse languages with Spanish being the official language. These languages include numerous indigenous dialects such as Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, and English. Venezuelans practice open-ended marriages meaning there are few legal restrictions. Venezuelans also have nuclear families, which are your parents and siblings and the extended kin is nearby. Venezuela has free and compulsory education up to grade twelve. Inheritance rules are legally prescribed. In Venezuela it is necessary to be clean and well dressed. When meeting someone new you should give a firm handshake. Venezuelans are valued for their hospitality and beauty. Family is also a very important value to most people in this country.

Digging deeper

Two subcultures of Venezuela are the Mestizos/Pardos and Indians. The housing landscape can be described as thatched huts along the shore of a river for the less wealthy families and houses in a stacked looking way for the wealthier families. The typical worship place of Venezuelans is in Catholic churches throughout the country. Salsa dancing is very popular in Venezuela. This type of dance came from Puerto Rico and New York City. Venezuela has bee investing in the developments of arts, especially literature and music.


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