The Lost Boy

BY: Dave Pelzer


Publisher- Health Communication

Author: Dave Pelzer


  • ISBN-10:1558745157

Genre- Autobiography

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Personal Review

Have you ever felt alone and scared. Well in The Lost Boy Dave Pelzer tells his story of becoming a fost child. He talks about how he got away from and his mother and where he goes from there. He talks about the different foster homes he goes to and what he thought about the foster parents and children.

This is a inspiring book to show kids to never give up even when times gets tough. The Lost Boy is a sad and happy book at the same time. Some of the points in the book he is happy and other times not so much. Dave Pelzer talks about the friends he made and not so friendly kids. Dave talked about the good foster parents and fost childrend and the bad. I recomend this books for 6th- 9th graders.

Professional Reviews 1

Imagine a young boy who has never had a loving home. His only possesions are the old, torn clothes he carries in a paper bag. The only world he knows is one of isolation and fear. Although others had rescued this boy from his abusive alcoholic mother, his real hurt is just begining -- he has no place to call home.

This is Dave Pelzer's long-awaited sequel to A Child Called "It". In The Lost Boy, he answers questions and reveals new adventures through the compelling story of his life as an adolescent. Now considered an F-Child (Foster Child), Dave is moved in and out of five different homes. He suffers shame and experiences resentment from those who feel that all foster kids are trouble and unworthy of being loved just because they are not part of a "real" family.

Tears, laughter, devastation and hope create the journey of this little lost boy who searches desperately for just one thing -- the love of a family.

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Professional Review 2

This book is about a boy named Dave Pelzer who grows up being abused and beaten by his raging alcoholic mother. He has spent his whole childhood struggling to find a place where he is accepted. He has been throughout several foster homes, sometimes repeating the same ones twice.

He was misled as a child and started to steal from the market to get food, lie to the people who cared about him most, and treat people very cold and mean. He ends up leaving the foster homes at the age of 18 and joining the Air Force. He really turns his life around for the better because growing up he didn't like being treated like that so he had to make some changes.

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