By Haley Horne


The sport of badminton originated nearly 2,000 years ago from Europe and Asia. It was originally named Battledore. It was a common pastime in Europe and usually people from the upper class played it. Another form of Badminton was played in India called Poon. While British officers were there they took notice of it and brought it back to England where it became popular. It became an Olympic sport in 1992.


Badminton is not a rally scoring sport. To score in badminton you need to be the person serving and then after you serve get your opponent to let the shuttlecock drop on their side of the court. But before you score you need to be able to serve. Depending on your score decides which side of the court you serve from. If your score is even like 4 then you serve from the right side. If your score is odd then you serve from the left side. First of all when you serve it needs to make it over the net. It also has to go diagonally to the other person, so not across from you. Then your serve has to go far enough in the opposite court that it doesn't land in the kitchen. The kitchen is a quarter of the court and is closes to the net. If your serve doesn't make it over the net or lands in the kitchen then it is called a broken serve. When you drop or hit the shuttlecock out of the court then it is called a fault. Lets are when some mistake was made like another shuttlecock landed in your court from another court, when it can't be decided whether the shuttle cock landed in or out of the court or when the person receiving the serve wasn't ready. When lets happen the score stays the same and so do the positions.

Types of shots

Overhead clear is when you hit the shuttlecock over your head and on to your opponents back court.

Drive shot is when you hit the shuttlecock really hard close to your opponents net, so that it doesn't go very high.

Drop shot when you softly hit the shuttlecock over the net so that it land in your opponents kitchen.

Smash shot is when you hit the shuttlecock as hard as you can and it goes farther than a drive shot.