The Dirty Nasty Nazis



Hitler is a evil powerful man that wanted to eliminate every living Jew in the world so the only ones that could be left would be the Germans or the SS.

If you want to know how World war 2 ended then this is the flyer 4 you. :)

The gas chambers.

Here is a picture of a gas chamber filled with dead Jewish prisoners. --->

How Germany lost world war 2.

The first reason on how Germany was losing the war was not having a lot of supplies. Supplies like gas for the tanks , ammunition , food , clothing , men , Etc. The second reason the Germans lost the war was because they failed to finish off Britain at Dunkirk. The third reason the lost the war was because they were simply outnumbered by the Americans and the Soviets ( Russians ).

The end of World War 2.

Winston Churchill announced that Germany surrendered to America on May 8th , 1945.
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