Cannon STEM Book of the Month

February 2016

Potato Clocks and Solar Cars by Elizabeth Raum

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About Potato Clocks and Solar Cars

Potato Clocks and Solar Cars discusses topics such as fossil fuels, alternative energy sources, and sustainable energy. Readers will explore how we can use everyday items to create energy.

How to Make a Potato Clock
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Fun Facts about Elizabeth Raum

When I was in 3rd grade --

  • I learned to ski on the hill behind my house. I hoped to be in the Olympics, but I kept crash landing.
  • I built myself a treehouse. I planned to live it when I grew up . . . but I never did.
  • I was convinced that Martians had landed on the hill behind my house. (Don’t worry. They hadn’t!)
  • I loved doing reports in school. (Really!)

My favorite books were:
  • The Secret Garden
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Ellen Tibbets
  • biographies of famous Americans
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Community Service Project

This month we will be kicking off our Real School Gardens "Smart Potatoes" community service project by planting potatoes which will be harvested in May and donated to a local food bank.

Scholars, your challenge is to learn unique ways we can use potatoes to learn about a variety of topics! Whether your class uses potatoes to learn about hydroponic planting systems, how to write procedural texts, geometry, measuring linearly, comparing a seed to a tuber, etc. we are sure you'll be challenged to think creatively and way outside the box!

Good luck and Happy Growing!

Time lapse potato growth 2014
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