A Christmas Carol Background

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Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens was a the author of "A Christmas Carol," and 13 other famous books. Charles Dickens was a famous author in the 1800's. He was affected greatly by poverty and child labor. Charles Dickens was on out of eight writers who lived and wrote in the Victorian era. Charles Dickens as a child his father was in debt. When he was 13 his family was in jail.

industrial revelotion

The industrial revelotion had stared in england then it spread into many other county. About 40% of the population had found jobs because of the industrial revelotion. the industrial revelotion had started and ended in the 1800's.

Victorian era

the Victorian era was named after the rain of queen Victoria. the Victorian era was named after the last monarch of the royal house of Hangover. the Victorian era was around for 64 years. The Victorian era was an era were arts and literature had blosimed. During the Victorian era arlculture had fallen 21%.

Child labor and poverty

To stop child labor they made the United Nations Convention on the rights of children. Since of that you must be 14 or older to work at a job.