Mary Aikenhead Ministries

The Values and Missions of the Mary Aikenhead Ministries

Mary Aikenhead Ministries

The Mary Aikenhead Ministries is an organisation that focuses on expanding and continuing new and old services. These services can include educational services, health and aged cares and welfare. The Mary Aikenhead Ministries were established by the Holy See as a public request under the Congregation of the Religious Sisters of Charity of Australia.

Nowadays, they have many organisations around the country in which they help spread and share the values of the Lord.

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The Mary Aikenhead Ministries exist in many schools across Australia to help educate children about the Word of the Lord. Their main mission is to teach the children many important values and help every single one of us, rich and poor. Their work is mainly directed to the children and they fulfil their mission by educating the young minds on the Word of the Lord. These ministries are needed so that they can help teach the children their priorities through their values.

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The Values in Education

The values they teach at St Columba's includes...

- Love

- Generosity

- Faith

- Compassion

- Commitment

This is shown in the students' learning and the teacher's lessons. The Mary Aikenhead Ministries are here to help us learn and grow, towards these values.

Health and Aged Care

Mary Aikenhead Ministries have opened numerous health and age care facilities all around Australia to help those with any mental, medical or surgical problems. There mission is to spread the love of God to those in need of healing, and they help to achieve their goal by helping the wounded and hurting. One of the biggest organisations they opened in Victoria is St.Vincent’s Hospital, founded in 1893 by the Sisters of Charity whose first mission was to help the poor and sick, abandoned children and the young girls of poor parents and servants, but went on to much more.
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The Values in Health and Aged Care Services

The values that they show the elderly at Health and Aged Care services include...

- Compassion

- Integrity

- Justice

- Excellence

- Kindness

These values are shown in their work, giving up their time to help take care of someone else, whereas they could be taking care of themselves. They show the elderly what the meaning of true 'happiness' is.


The sisters of charity have reached out to New South Wales and family care services. This was called Congregation by the Sisters Of Charity, Australia in September 1990.

Welfare means the health and the happiness of the people around you, this is exactly what the Sisters of Charity did for many people. The sisters gave comfort, safety and well-being to the people that they met and helped.
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The values they show in welfare services

Some of the values that the Mary Aikenhead Ministries showed us include...

- Happiness

- Health

- Well-being

- Comfort

- Safety

This is being shown in every organisation that the Sisters of Charity have created and the Mary Aikenhead Ministries. These organisations can include schools, health services, nursing homes, hospitals and many more. All the people who have attended these places or have been there have all had a taste of what real safety feels like.