Keeping Up with Kipling!

September 3, 2021

Hello, Kipling Cougar Families!

Two full weeks and a few days behind us!

The beginning of the year is a time to establish relationships, routines and expectations. Around this time of year, the children start growing accustomed to the school day and what they are being asked to do while they are here. As a former first grade teacher, I remember that it was about this time that the questions, "Is it lunchtime yet (at 9:00am)" and "Is it time to go home yet (at 1:00)" finally taper down. In other words, this is the time of year that I felt like I was beginning to hit my groove. Hopefully your children and your children's teachers are feeling the same.

Thursday we had, in essence, our first PTO event since Fall of 2019. The Sweet's and Treats Social was awesome! Thanks, PTO, for throwing such a fun party! The children and the parents all seemed to love it and the weather was perfect! Thank you for a fun day!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a great week!

Andy Elbert


Kipling Elementary School

Arrival is 8:35

The earliest we allow students to arrive at school is 8:35am. We do not have any supervision prior to 8:35. Please plan your arrival around that time. We have had a few incidents of students on our playground equipment, in the gaga pit and around the school before we have any supervision outside. Please make sure that your route to school is timed so that you are not arriving early. Thank you for your cooperation.

Short Week Next Week!

This is just a reminder that there is no school on Monday and Tuesday of next week. Also, Thursday of the following week is also a non-attendance day.

MAP Testing

Fall MAP testing begins in District 109 on Wednesday. MAP testing is grade level centered so please look out for more information from your child's teacher regarding your child's testing days and times.

Shield Testing (2nd Running)

This past Tuesday marked the first Shield Test of the year. It went great. Students who attended Kipling last year filled their vial in record time and were ready to move on to the next part of their day. Our new students took a little longer, but they got the job done. We will Shield Test every week on Tuesdays except for the week of Labor Day and Rosh Hashanah. During that week, since we are not in school on Tuesday, September 7th, we are switching our date to Friday, September 10th.

Testing is not mandatory. By consenting to the testing, your child’s name is put on a roster and the expectation is that they will be testing weekly unless a parent/guardian notifies us otherwise.


Log in to Skyward/Family Access and it should appear as a green box next to your child’s name. Contact Kristen Neu ( with any Family Access questions.


Fill out this Google Form prior to 7 AM on the day that our school tests (usually Tuesdays except for Labor Day week).

*Please note that if you have consented but want to opt out of a week, you must fill out the form every week.


The daily health certifications, bus route info, schedules, and more helpful info can be found on the new Kipling website. Make sure to give it a look!

Watch a quick video introducing the new features!


The district has a landing page with constantly updated COVID protocol information. Be sure to visit to check out the latest updates on:

  • What do I do if my child wakes up sick? (and what happens to siblings)

  • Our COVID case dashboard - updated in real time

Daily Certification (Final Running)

Each morning, you will receive an email reminder that your child needs to be certified that he or she is healthy and able to come to school. The email will include a link to this certification form. Please remember to fill the form out each school day for all of your Kipling (and District 109) students.

If you forget to certify your child, he or she will be directed to our school nurse, Mrs. Edina Szabo, for a temperature check and an on-site certification.

Please feel free to use the QR Code to the right for quick access to the certification form.