Dreadful disaster occured in 2013

She chooses the people of Uttarakhand to be her next victim

This monsoon destroyed Uttarakhand ....

what had happened? Was the reason man - made or natural?
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From 14 to 17 June 2013 Indian star of Uttarakhand and near by had received heavy rainfall. The rainfall was above benchmark which is above 375 percent.

A multi-day cloudburst, centered on the state of Uttarakhand caused devastating floods and landslides.

Due to continuous rain the chorabani glacier melted and this triggered flooding of mandakini river, which led to heavy floods near gobindghat,Kendra dome,rudraprayag district,Uttarakhand.

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Is only nature at fault? No!

Man made reasons......

The UttarakhanddisSter have been officially termed as a natural calamity caused by cloudbursts and unprecedented heavy monsoon rainfall.

So, what actually had happened???

The true causes of this epic tragedy is growth if tourism, unchecked rapid increase of roads, hotels, shops and multistory housing in ecologically fragile areas and unplanned construction are the reason for landslide.
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Did the local community or government take any steps for and towards this tragedic incident?

Government's efforts...

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