Fresh Off the Farm

Jessi Harrington-Newton Local FFA member

SAE Story

By growing, and raising lavender plants I have been able to harvest my crops to make different lavender bi-products from not only the lavender plants but also the oils found inside the plant as well. By selling various products such as lotions, soaps, baked goods and arrangements made from my crop I can make a profit off of my diversified crop. Growing up in a small town in Nebraska my mother started off her adulthood by working on a local farm raising hogs after years of experience she made the bold decision to go back to school and get a degree in Horticulture. No one ever believed that she could create a business by herself. She is the founder of Harmony Nursery and Daylily Farm. She sells 439 different types of daylilies and has expanded to being a retail store owner and landscape artist. She has inspired me to indulge in the horticulture field and never limit my abilities. I have a dream one day to own a business just like my mother.In the summer of 2016 Fresh Off the Farm will be available to buyers these products include homemade soaps, lotions, body scrubs, and baking goods such as lavender lemonade, and lavender cupcakes.