Ethan Frome

By Sydney Myers

Ethan Frome is by Edith Wharton.

The lexile of this book is 1,200. The point of view for this book was from a visitor to the town that Ethan grew up in. Later on it basically switches to 2nd person point of view because there is a narrator and yet feelings are still shown. Then it goes back to the person visiting. Honestly, I did not enjoy this book.


The book started with a person who had traveled to the town where the Fromes lived. He asked about Ethan Frome and got pretty vague answers. One night Frome offers him to stay with him because of a terrible snow storm. During this time the stranger finally learns the story of Ethan Frome. The story goes on to explain Ethan's actions through a 2nd person's point of view. Ethan's parents both got very ill and died, his cousin Zenobia coming over to help with the healing of his mother. After that he was so happy to be able to hear someone speak again, he married Zenobia. Later Zenobia gets the same illness his parents had. She started to waste away and so she had her cousin Mattie Silver come over to help take care of her. Ethan and Mattie begin to fall in love. Soon Zenobia decides she needs a new helper around the house and so she hires a working girl. This means that Mattie has to leave. Mattie and Ethan are heartbroken. They decide it's best to just kill themselves by running into a gigantic tree at the bottom of a large hill. Yet when they try, it doesn't work and for the rest of their lives, Zenobia is working to take care of them and everyone who lives there is completely miserable.

My review.

I did not like this book. I just didn't. It was very descriptive but I felt that there was no moral or point to it at all to it. There is no action or adventure. There is no mystery, no humor. No fantasy, no drama. It basically doesn't fit into any genre I can think of. This is possibly the worst book I've ever read, and I've read a lot of books. This book is so terrible because there is nothing that anyone would really like, I think that this book is too sad and too annoying and just awful. Although the book was bad, the way the author wrote was actually pretty good. The way she wrote and described things, or developed the characters was great. But everything else was pretty much awful. I was tired of the book halfway through. At least it was short.

The main characters are:

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"The End."