The boy who saved baseball

by: abigail hollingsworth


I think the theme is no matter what you should never give up on anything.

Hollis B

Hollis B is a person who has imaginary friends,he lives in an awesome tree,he is pretty wierd,and he can talk really fast. Since he used to bother people by talking to them the sheriff gave him a broken old phone that doesnt work anymore so that he doesnt bother anybody and so he can talk to his imaginary friends into the broken old phone. Hollis isnt the type of person who talks to people alot unless someone talks to him first. Hollis kinda reminds me of my mom because she can be wierd at somethimes,she talk fast if she wanted to, and she doesnt really talk to people unless they talk to her first but sometimes she will. 


Tom changed as a person because he isnt as shy as he used to be.He changed in a posotive way.......Examples: He talks to people more. He isnt afraid of what he says .

The climax of the book

I felt the most excited in the last inning of the game. I think it was the most exciting because the last inning was so intense and it made me nervous that they wouldnt win because they were down by a few runs.

My hero

My hero is my uncle. I picked my uncle because he is awesome,funny, he is nice,likes the same things i do,we visit him every year, and whenever people are bored and have nothing to do he is the kind of person that finds something to do and the one who always makes people laugh.