The Kindergarten Community

Classroom Updates from Miss Adams in Room 153

Happy Monday!

Hello wonderful families! I hope that each of you had a wonderful long weekend spent with loved ones. As we move into this week, I wanted to share some excited updates that are happening in our Kindergarten Community!

I am blessed and honored to have your child as a part of this amazing Kindergarten Community! Thank you for all that you do!

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Save the Date!

Every Tuesday: Library Day! Don't forget your library books!

Every Friday: P.E. Don't forget your tennis shoes!

After School Arts Classes:

  • Monday: Drumming, Footnotes, Yoga
  • Tuesday: FEAST
  • Wednesday: Puppetry Perfection, 3D Art
  • Thursday: Art

Friday, October 2nd: PJ Day! Our Kindergarten Community reached our positive behavior tracking goal! The Community voted on having a PJ Day! We will be having our pj day this Friday! Send your child wearing his/her most favorite and comfy pj's! :-)

October 6th: PTO Takes their Meeting to the Road! We will be at Hillcrest at 6:00pm to share updates, resources, opinions and ideas about our children at Claxton. I attend each PTO meeting and would love to see you there. Let me know if you would like to car pool or need directions!

October 16th: Early Release Day at 12:00 and Student Picture Day!

October 21st: Field Trip to the Asheville Fire Station and Police Department. We love to have chaperones, so let me know if you would like to join us!

October 26th: No School for Students (Teacher Workday)

October 27th: No School for Students (Teacher Workday)

October 30th: Classroom Fall Celebration 1:30-2:30

Apple Orchard Fun!

Our first field trip was a success! The children had such a wonderful time and words cannot express how grateful Mrs. Casson and I are for all of the support received from families!

Our Class Mission Statement

I am SO PROUD of these Kindergarten Leaders!!!

Here is a 'sneak peak' of our Class Mission Statement song (take one) Finalized version coming soon within the next couple of weeks!
Miss Adams' Kindergarten Community's Mission Statement
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Working Hard in the Kindergarten Community!

Check out the photos below to see all of the great things happening in our Kindergarten Community!

Reading: Kindergarten readers are working on print concepts such as; following words from left to right, top to bottom, and page by page. We are also understanding that words are separated by spaces in print. We have also been practicing building and tracking stamina while reading to self AND reading to someone!

Writing: Kindergarten writers are working on using their thoughts, pictures, and words to narrate an event.

FUNdations: Kindergarten readers and writers are currently practicing identifying, writing, and naming the sounds of the following letters; t, f, b, m, n, u, i, c, o, a, g, and retelling stories. For this week we will be finishing up unit 1 week 4 and beginning unit 1 week 5.

Math: Kindergarten mathematicians are working on counting groups of objects up to 20. We are also working on identifying and comparing two dimensional shapes. We are also working on writing numbers 1-10. Your child took home his/her 1-5 number book this past Friday, look for number book 6-10 this week!

Science: Kindergarten scientists are studying properties of objects, such as color, size, shape, and texture. This week and next we will be focusing particularly on different types of trees and pumpkins!

Social Studies: Kindergarten citizens are learning how to exemplify positive relationships through fair play and friendship. We are working together to develop ways to become productive in the classroom, school, home, and neighborhood. Kindergarten citizens are working on these learning goals through the use of 'The 7 Habits of Happy Kids.' I have listed the habits below for you to become familiar with. This past week we have finished learning all of our habits and are working hard at utilizing each strategy within our day! Stay tuned for our 7 Habits Song!

Habit 1: Be Proactive

Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind

Habit 3: Put First Things First

Habit 4: Think Win-Win

Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, then Be Understood

Habit 6: Synergize

Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw

We are Attentive, Responsible, Thoughtful, and Safe!

Positive Behavior Tracking: Along with The 7 Habits, Kindergarten citizens are also working as a classroom community to build a positive classroom environment. We use the ARTS acronym to remember that we are a learning community working together to reach success. The ARTS acronym is as follows:

Attentive: We are attentive and smart! We listen with our eyes, ears, and heart!

Responsible: Keep things clean for you and me so our school stays the best that it can be!

Thoughtful: We are nice to all living things; animals, plants, and human beings!

Safe: We are safe! Stay in your body bubble to keep away from harm or trouble!

Each time a child is caught exhibiting one or more of these characteristics, they are given a purple ticket, which is added to our leadership graph! Since we met our leadership goal and filled up our graph board, the Kindergarten Community voted on having a PJ Day on Friday, October 2nd!

ABC Yoga Poses of the Week

Yoga is an amazing gift that everyone can practice and I am grateful to have the opportunity to practice with this amazing Kindergarten Community! Each week we practice poses that begin with letters that we have learned in Fundations.

Yoga increases self-awareness, builds self-esteem, strengthens the body, and builds mindfulness in a playful imaginative way. The following yoga postures and stretches included activate pressure points that stimulate the brain to have a balanced and calm mindset. These poses also help build a foundation for writing postures, as well as exercising muscles for fine and gross motor skills. These stretches are ones that begin with the letters that we are learning in Fundations, and can be practiced anywhere at anytime so feel free to practice at home with your child!

I hope that you and your children find these letter recognition yoga poses to be something that brings peace, joy, and relaxation into your day.


Lets Stay Connected!

Below are the links to our classroom social media connections as well as my email and phone number.

I am blessed and honored to have your child in this amazing Kindergarten Community! Thank you for all that you do!

-Miss Adams