Locating Help for Drugs and Alcohol

By: David Valentine

Local Drug/Alcohol resources.

Many people around the world struggle with drug and alcohol addiction problems, but what can we do to stop that cycle? Many teens struggling with addiction want to change, but need help getting there. Here, I'm going to share with you many resources that we can turn to if we feel we cannot help ourselves.

One day at a time.

Speaking from a more personal perspective now, as a former addict it is extremely crucial that you take things one day at a time. Several resources mentioned above and below talk about staying clean and sober. If you get into the mindset of taking things one day at a time, you will find it to be much simpler. For me, I struggled with peer pressure and addiction later on because I wanted to be "cool" and feel accepted. But whoever may read this needs to know drugs are not cool. The media and lots of social groups try to think of drugs as cool, influencing several lives but never look at the negative side effects. Around 570,00 people die from drug addiction each year, including a friend of mine. So just know, if you find yourself getting caught up in that addiction lifestyle, get help immediately! And take your life back.

Say no to drugs, and Yes to Life.

Life can be tough, but it is what you make it! Go to http://www.storiesofrecovery.org.uk/ for more addiction free/recovery stories to uplift and encourage you.