Life In Detroit

My life

Living In Detroit MI, is different from living In Chicago IL. When I was living in Detroit i was the second oldest out of 6 children. I had 2 brothers and 3 sisters. I went to a school called Duke Ellington. There were only 950 children who attended that school. I lived with my mother and my stepfather. My parents were very stricted about the things me, my brothers, and sisters did. We had a a curfew. Being in Detroit was a good life i had lots of Family and friends. I also had a boyfriend its kind of weird being in a long distance relationship cause u can barely see that person the way u want to see that person. I had so many different names that people would call me when I lived in Detroit. Example: people would call me Keia (short for Nakeia) they would call me lil Nikki (because people would always say I look like my mother). I went by many different names. I moved to Chicago a few weeks ago to live with my Father and my Stepmother. My dad has 4 children. Living in Chicago is different from living in my hometown with my other brothers and sister and with my mom and stepdad. I was born with a twin brother name Nathan lymon he lives with my mother and stepfather in Detroit MI. I was born on the eastside of Detroit moving around alot i had many friends and family back home who i miss alot. I had a huge family mostly girls but i was the youngest girl in the family i was treated differently from the older girls i couldn't do the things they did i was allowed to have a boyfriend but never was allowed to go vist him or meet his family my life is so much different now living with my father and stepmother i have more freedom then i did living with my mother and stepfather!
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