Too Young Or To Old To Be Hired

Ageism Paragraph

There's ageism everywhere, in culture, religion, and a lot of your households. But there's even ageism in hiring people for jobs. So many people are being denied jobs just because they're either too young or too old. People are trying to get a normal jobs and they meet all the requirements but, because they are a little young or may have past retirement age or just plain middle-aged, they're denied for their age. For example a man in his 50's decided to get a job to build up some money to pay his rent, but when he went to the interview after they asked him how old he was they said he was denied. he was perfectly capable of doing the simple desk job but the company turned him down, just like that. This example shows how discriminative some companies are and how they poorly judge when they're hiring. This is why we need to fight against these companies to get jobs to expand their age hiring range to where it has no boundaries. Yes, this is a big task for people like us to take a stand for and change their opinions, but it's possible. It's because of these companies and many others that deny people jobs that they could do flawlessly, but these companies think differently. That is why they should put themselves in the employee, or to-be employee's, shoes.