Slavery Web Quest

By Lauren R.

Find out how long slavery went on, where the slaves came from, and their lifestyles.

The slaves were African Americans who were forced against their will to board a boat from Africa to American to be sold to work without pay to meet the growing demands of crops. The life of the slaves was brutal and uncleanly. The were often pulled away from their families. The cotton was so important to the Americans because it clothed them. Abraham Lincoln wrote a document against slavery called the Emancipation Proclamation. This was the beginning to a war in the country of the United States. A Civil War.

You have heard many stories about Harriet Tubman, but do you really know what she did?

The Underground Railroad was a trail of secret paths and safe houses used by the slave to escape the south slavery and find a new life in the northern free states. Harriet Tubman was a slave who escaped her owner 1849, but instead of fleeing to the north she returned to other slave escape. While working on the Underground Railroad she had visions that helped her to make sure that everyone made it to the north. She lead over 300 people to the north and made 19 trips there and back. There was a $40,000 bounty on her head. During the Civil War Harriet Tubman worked as a soldier, spy, cook, and nurse.

Songs are a way of communication from the Africans, but to they have other reasons?

Slaves were forbidden to read and write, they had to communicate their feelings in ways that would not be obvious to their masters. One way was through song. The songs also held hidden messages about how to escape or they way throughout the Underground Railroad.