Diane von Fürstenberg

Formerly Princess Diane of Fürstenburg, Diane von Fürstenburg is a Belgian American fashion designer famous for her creation of her iconic wrap dress.


von Fürstenburg was born Diane Michelle Simone Halfin in Brussels, Belgium in 1946. Her mother was a holocaust survivor and she credits much of her motivation to her mother's positive influence on her life. For college, von Fürstenburg attended Madrid University and the University of Geneva to study economics where she met Prince Eduard Egon von Fürstenburg. Later, moved to Paris to work as an assistant to Fashion Photographer, Albert Koski. She then took an apprenticeship under Angelo Ferretti where she designed the first of her silk wrap dresses. She married the Prince in 1969, but they divorced only three years later and she was no longer entitled to use the name "princess."

Eduard Egon von Fürstenburg is the heir to the Fiat automobile fortune

First Collection

In April 1970, von Fürstenberg revealed her first collection at the Gotham Hotel in New York City. Many of the pieces ranges from $25 to $100.

The Wrap Dress

von Fürstenburg's legacy lies in the wrap dress. It's versatile enough to be worn by the working middle class woman, and classy enough to be worn as an evening dress. By the 1970s, von Fürstenburg had become a fashion legend.
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von Fürstenburg is known for a number of other things. She founded a publishing house, Salvy. She has published a number of books on her life and the fashion industry. She has also placed her work on the QVC television shopping channel.