Sugar Act

The act of unfair taxes to New England colonies

Date and Definition

The sugar act was introduced April 5th 1764. The act put a three cent tax on foreign sugar and raised price for coffee, indigo, and certain wines. It banned rum and french wines These taxes on effected only a certain part of the population.

When it ended-

It ended 1776

When did it start and why

It started April 5th, Parliament passed a modified version of sugar which was about to expire, colonists were required to pay a tax of 6 cents per gallon.
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King George III

I the King believe that colonists should pay taxes for foreign sugars like wine and indigo because we are in great debt from the french and indies war and we need extra money so we can start our new colony in the ohio river valley.


I a new england colonist believe that we shouldn't pay taxes, some of us do not have the money and we get thrown in jail for it! I think that we shouldn't be targeted by the King that is why we should stop paying taxes! NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!