Hannaford Career Center Newsletter

June 2023

Thank You PAHCC Community

It has been another great year and the staff of the Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center have gone above and beyond to meet student needs, provide enriching learning opportunities, support student growth, and take care of each other. We couldn't ask for a more dedicated and professional group of individuals to make a career center successful. Thank you all!

Thank you to our students. Your resilience, motivation and creativity make the career center what it is. We couldn't do what we do without you.

Thank you to our parents and families. Your support throughout this school year has been unwavering and most appreciated.

And thank you to our partner high school staff members. Your support and collaboration allow many students the ability to access this flexible pathway to graduation.

We hope everyone has a wonderful summer filled with fun and rejuvenation. We look forward to another great school year beginning August 30th.

Quarter Four Outstanding Students

Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center students are selected by their instructors as outstanding students for the quarter based on their stellar academic performance and a strong commitment to our center-wide Habits of Work (empathy, respect, safety, collaboration, resilience, work ethic, and responsibility). Congratulations to all of our well-deserving students for quarter four of the 2022-2023 school year.

ART Performance - Hannah Gallivan - MAUHS

ART Technical - Arusha Binder - MUHS

Construction Technology 1 - Eyon Tembreull - VUHS

Construction Technology 2 - Declan Anderson - MUHS

Culinary Arts 2 - Jordan Hall - MAUHS

Design & Illustration - Tayden deMeurers - MUHS

Diesel Power Technology 1 - Robert Cavoretto - MAUHS

Diesel Power Technology 2 - Walter Schondube - VUHS

Human Services Early Childhood - Jack Trudeau - MUHS

Industrial Design & Fabrication - James Spillman - VUHS

Introduction to Agricultural Sciences - Lexi Orleans - MUHS

Introduction to Agricultural Sciences - Gerrit Beenen - VUHS

Introduction to STEM - Margaret Orten - MUHS

Mechanical Science - Gabriel Hamel - MUHS

Mechanical Science - Ethan Ramsey - MAUHS

Medical Professions 1 - Zoe Reid-St John - VUHS

Medical Professions 2 - Maisy Hill - MAUHS

Natural Resource Management - Caleb Foster - Home Study

Sustainable Agriculture 1 - Gabriella Currier - MAUHS

Sustainable Agriculture 2 - Liam Wagner - MUHS

Visual Communications - Evva Dicovitsky - Home Study

Celebration of Learning - Thursday, June 1, 2023

On Thursday, June 1 the Career Center conducted its annual Celebration of Learning event to recognize all of the senior participants as well as the juniors and seniors who completed their technical program this year. 93 students were recognized during this year’s ceremony with 60 of them being program completers. All students received a certificate of participation (seniors completing one year of a two year program) or a certificate of program completion. Many students also earned a number of industry recognized credentials as well as dual enrollment credits.

It was certainly a day to be proud of our Career Center students. Many family members and guests were extremely grateful for the Career Center’s recognition event. Every technical program instructor was able to address each honoree personally and individually. By recognizing and addressing each student specifically, instructors underscored their interest in each one of our students, and they also expressed their interest in seeing what the students will accomplish in the future with an invitation to have them remain in contact with us. It was truly a memorable event.

Congratulations to the following students:

ART Performance


Asa Baker-Rouse (MUHS)

Tzain Howe (Adult)

Lily James Roberts (MAUHS)


Arusha Binder (MUHS)

Megan Sanborn (VUHS)

Kaleb Stearns (VUHS)

Automotive Technology


Brighton Fuller (MAUHS)

Lucas Grover (MAUHS)

Nathaniel Gustin (MAUHS)

Colby Little (MAUHS)

Cyrus Odell (MUHS)

Camden Thompson (MUHS)


Chalamiysh Alexander (MUHS)

David French (VUHS)

Agustus Hill (MAUHS)

Joshua LaFramboise (VUHS)

Lacey Lazarski-Brock (VUHS)

Taylor Tanner (MAUHS)

Benjamin Wilson (Home Study)

Construction Technology


Declan Anderson (MUHS)

Caden Howell (VUHS)

Jeremiah Tinker (MUHS)


Lucas Allen (MAUHS)

Tyler Quesnel (MUHS)

Eagan Sullivan (VUHS)

Mason Tracy (MUHS)

Jack Wyman (VUHS)

Culinary Arts


Madison Aube (MAUHS)

Ryleigh Charlebois (VUHS)

Makayla Emmons (MAUHS)

Gage Gallagher (MUHS)

Jordan Hall (MAUHS)

Jonah Jennings (VAL)

Helen Kihm (MAUHS)

Joy Trombly (MAUHS)

Design & Illustration


Jenesis Artis (MAUHS)

Elizabeth Bennett (VUHS)

Ty Duell (MAUHS)

Addison Dunakin (MUHS)

Gabbi LaFreniere (MAUHS)

Kayden Matis (MAUHS)

Baker Nelson (MUHS)

Kayla Safford (VUHS)

Zuri Voorhees (MUHS)


Tayden deMeurers (MUHS)

Diesel Power Technology


Scott Botala (VUHS)

Morgan Busier (MUHS)

John Coleman (OVUHS)

Hunter Collins (MAUHS)

Kaleb Huestis (MUHS)

Evan Oberle (MAUHS)

Walter Schondube (VUHS)

Spencer White (VUHS)


Devin Anderson (OVUHS)

Jacob Aunchman (VUHS)

Brogan Kittell (MAUHS)

Gabriel Lavallee (MAUHS)

Engineering & Architecture


Joleigh Bradford (MUHS)

Shamus Rooney (VUHS)

Human Services


Keleigh Boise (MAUHS)

Emily Cousino (MAUHS)

Adelaide Riche (MUHS)


Jack Trudeau (MUHS)

Industrial Design & Fabrication


Peter Lynch (MUHS)


Stephen Barcomb (VUHS)

Noah Letendre (VUHS)

Terrian Quesnel (MUHS)

Willem Ringer (VUHS)

Medical Professions


McKenzie Bell (VUHS)

Emma Brown (MUHS)

Madison Cram (MUHS)

Maria Delgadillo (VAL)

Hannah Emmons (MAUHS)

Maisy Hill (MAUHS)

Jillian Nop (MUHS)

Connor Raymond (VUHS)

Isabella Robideau (MAUHS)

Wyatt Rochon (VUHS)

Natural Resource Management


Bradley Wells (MAUHS)

Cadyn Pitner (MUHS)


Jackson Coffey (VUHS)

Troy Gosliga (Home Study)

Silas Shepard (MAUHS)

Sustainable Agriculture


Jadyn Cram (VAL)

Maya Huestis (MUHS)

Tierney Provoncha (MAUHS)

Malachi Sheldrick (OVUHS)

Nick Sheldrick (MUHS)

Vanessa Sunderland (MUHS)

William Wagner (MUHS)


Brett Brisson (VUHS)

Troy Gosliga (Home Study)

Berkley McDermott (MUHS)

Isaiah Visser (VUHS)

National Scholarship Winner

Declan Anderson, Construction Technology, was recently awarded a 2023 Build Your Future Scholarship from the National Technical Honor Society. The scholarship is specific to students pursuing careers in construction-related fields and is worth $2000. The other four winners were from the states of MS, MI, OH, and SC. Congratulations Declan!

PAHCC Scholarships & Awards

School Counselor, Brenda Logee, handed out scholarships at the Celebration of Learning totaling more than $11,000:

  • Vermont Honor Scholarship: The Governor Phil Hoff Vermont Honor Scholarship of $1000 is awarded by the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation to one student, who has shown outstanding academic achievement, at each high school and technical center in the state of Vermont. This year the Career Center Scholarship Committee has chosen Engineering & Architecture student Shamus Rooney to receive this award. Shamus will be attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the fall to study Mechanical Engineering.

  • Patricia A. Hannaford Memorial Scholarship: Pat Hannaford was a beloved school counseling coordinator at the Career Center for 17 years. Her family chose to honor her memory with a scholarship to be awarded to a student who has achieved excellence in technical education, with a priority of a student pursuing a degree in a human services field. This year the $1000 scholarship was awarded to Human Services student Keleigh Boise. Keleigh will be attending Vermont State University at Castleton to pursue a degree in Social Work.

  • Brendon P. Cousino Med47 Foundation Scholarship: Brendon Cousino was a graduate of Mount Abraham Union High School and the Hannaford Career Center in 2002. Brendon completed the Building Trades and Protection Services programs, worked as a carpenter and volunteered on both the Richmond Rescue and Bristol Rescue squads.To honor Brendon's memory and his contribution to his community and, in appreciation for the education and training he received from the Hannaford Career Center, a $1000 scholarship was established by the Brendon P. Cousino Med47 Foundation to support a Career Center student going into a skilled trade or a medical profession. This year the scholarship was increased to be able to offer the $1000 scholarship to two students. This year’s awards go to two Medical Professions completers: Madison Cram and Maisy Hill. Both students will major in nursing, Madison at Hope College and Maisy at Colby-Sawyer College.

  • Golden Wrench Award: This is a special award given by the Vermont Automotive Enthusiasts to a current junior in either the automotive or diesel programs who has exhibited great promise in their field. The recipient receives a toolkit worth over $700. This year the award goes to Dylan Mason.

  • Agricultural Pathways Award: A local farm family with a rich history of sustainable agriculture in Addison County has established an award to support motivated Career Center students from the agriculture academy in pursuing careers in agriculture, diesel power or natural resource management. This $2,500 award is to be divided between one to four students and may be used to support continuing training/education, to purchase necessary tools and clothing for their chosen profession, or to assist with business startup expenses. Three students were selected this year to receive $833 each:

    • Cadyn Pitner will attend Vermont State University at the Vermont Technical College campus to pursue a degree in Forestry and Natural Resources.

    • Vanessa Sunderland will attend SUNY Morrisville to study Dairy Management.

    • Brett Brisson will be attending South Dakota State University to study Precision Agriculture.

  • Ceres Continuous Harvest Scholarship: These $1,000 scholarships are administered by the Vermont Community Foundation and are awarded to two to two graduating seniors, from either the Career Center or a local Addison County high school and are continuing their educations in sustainable agriculture or environmental sciences. This year’s recipients are Isaiah Visser and Brett Brisson. They both will be attending South Dakota State University, Isaiah will study Dairy Sciences and Agronomy and Brett will study Precision Agriculture.

  • George Foster Memorial Scholarship: George Foster, Sr. was a prominent farmer in the community. He was also a past Middlebury FFA member and even held a National FFA position. His family established this scholarship to honor his dedication to the organization he held so dear. Vanessa Sunderland received this $800 award and will be attending SUNY Morrisville to study Dairy Management.

  • Stephen D. Clark Memorial Scholarship: Before his death in 2011, Mr. Clark was a vibrant member of the Monkton community and founded Stephen Clark Construction. To honor his memory, his family has established a $1000 scholarship for a student excelling in construction and pursuing additional education. This year’s recipient is Declan Anderson who will be attending Vermont State University at Vermont Tech to pursue a degree in Construction Management.

  • County Tire Scholarship: Steve and Lisa Dupoise, owners of County Tire in Middlebury, sponsor a $1,000 Scholarship for a Career Center student who has demonstrated technical competence in their program and has a commitment to attend post-secondary training in an auto or diesel related program. This year’s scholarship was awarded to Devin Anderson who will attend the University of Northwestern Ohio to study Diesel Agricultural Equipment.

  • Bela Howe Scholarship Fund: The Bela Howe Scholarship Fund is administered by the Town of Shoreham Selectboard. Upon his death in 1866, Howe bequeathed the sum of $500 to the Shoreham Town Selectmen to use toward “the common good of the Shoreham School.” Over the last few decades, the Selectboard expanded this fund to allow an annual total scholarship allocation of up to $1000 to be awarded to a graduating PAHCC student who will attend a post secondary program. This year’s recipient is Declan Anderson who will be attending Vermont State University at Vermont Technical College to pursue a degree in Construction Management.

It is really great to see how the Career Center is committed to college and career readiness. We have students going into the workforce and going to well-respected higher education institutions. Great work to all of our students and staff!

Co-op Highlight - Tailfeather Farm & Jadyn Cram

What made you decide to sign up for Sustainable Agriculture?

I was prompted by my love of animals. I had experience with small animals as pets and loved large animals but didn’t have as much experience with them. First, I took Plant and Animal Science and then two years of Sustainable Agriculture.

What have you learned on Co-op?

I really wanted to learn more about training horses. Sustainable Ag has a focus on cattle and I love cows but wanted to work with horses. Ms. Mills mentioned the possibility of a co-op and I wanted to take advantage of that. Being on co-op at Tailfeather Farm has taught me a lot about patience.

What did you learn about yourself?

I’ve learned to handle things better; that things which take time can’t be rushed. I can transfer this skill to other animals or to people. I work at (a local deli) and the patience that I’ve learned in my co-op experience has definitely made me better at customer service.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m not planning on college right away, but two colleges I’m interested in are Delaware Valley University and SUNY Cobleskill because of their equine programs. I’d like to learn about equine science and pursue a career in therapeutic riding or as a veterinary technician.

Big picture

Vermont State FFA Convention

Both the Vergennes and Middlebury/PAHCC FFA chapters participated in the Vermont State FFA Convention at VTC in Randolph May 25-26, 2023, where they performed exceedingly well. There are a number of career center students who participate in the Vergennes FFA chapter.

  • Agricultural Mechanics: The Vergeness and Middlebury chapters collaborate extensively and often share resources, including students. Both chapters had successful teams in this competition. It included welding and cutting, small engine diagnostics, part and tool ID, and invoicing and estimation.

    • The Vergennes FFA Chapter (Gerrit Beenen, Megan LaFountaine, Zack Norris, and Spencer White) placed first in the team competition with Spencer and Gerrit individually placing first and fifth, respectively, out of 44 competitors. Each member earned a $7,000 scholarship to the University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH). Gerrit, Megan, and Spencer are current career center students and Zack is attending PAHCC next year.

    • PAHCC Mechanical Science students (Dylan Layn, Riley Coffey, Ethan Ramsey, and Connor James) placed second. Each member earned a $5000 scholarship to UNOH. Dylan earned 2nd place individually and Riley placed 3rd individually out of the 44 competitors.

    • PAHCC Diesel Technology students (Carter Markwell, Devin Brisson, Devin Anderson, Caylib Gaboriault) took third with each member earning a $4000 scholarship to UNOH.

    • The Vergennes FFA Chapter team of Walter Schondube, Rudolf Vorsteveld, Calvin Almeida, and Cecilia Didyoung earned fourth place with each member earning a $3,000 scholarship to UNOH. Walter (a career center student) also earned fourth place individually out of 44 competitors.

    • PAHCC Mechanical Science students (Brayden Mckee, Subia Kahn, Maxwell Goodfellow, and Jonathan Kehoe) earned fifth place with each member earning a $1,000 scholarship to the University of Northwestern Ohio.

  • Safe Tractor Operation: PAHCC Diesel students Mason Livingston placed 2nd and Mattison Tierney placed 3rd.

  • Dairy Cattle Evaluation Individual: PAHCC student Brailey Livingston earned first place.

  • Dairy Cattle Evaluation Team: The PAHCC team of Connor Meacham, Hailey Chase, and Mackenzie Chase placed third.

  • Dairy Cattle Handling Individual: PAHCC student Maya Huestis earned first place, allowing her the opportunity to compete at the National FFA Convention in the fall. PAHCC student Malachi Sheldrick earned second place.

  • Prepared Public Speaking: PAHCC student Shyanne Wedge earned second place.

  • Agriscience Poster: PAHCC students Hailey Roberts and Emma Reen earned first place for their Agriscience Poster entitled Heavy Use Area Protection conservation practice. Their poster earned the opportunity to compete at the National FFA Convention in the fall. PAHCC students Isaiah Visser and Morgan Corbett placed third.

  • Spring Forestry Competition: Nearly one hundred agriculture students from ten schools from around the state competed in the rigorous, three-hour event. The Natural Resource Management program from PAHCC placed first overall as a team, and swept the top three individual spots: Casey Calzini (1st), Jacob Kemp (2nd), Silas Shepard (3rd).

  • Farm and Agribusiness Management: The Vergennes FFA team of Rudolf Vorsteveld, Megan LaFountaine, Calvin Almeida, McKenzie Bell, and Isaiah Visser qualified for national competition. Calvin, Isaiah, and Megan placed first, second, and third, respectively.

  • Employment Skills: Isaiah Visser won the competition.

  • The Northeast Woodland Training Institute held a professional chainsaw skills competition ("Game of Logging"). Silas Shepard took second place overall and Jacob Kemp earned third place among all CTE students in the state of Vermont.

One of our instructors was also recognized at the convention. Aaron Townshend, Natural Resource Management Instructor, received an Honorary Green Mountain Degree for his outstanding service to FFA members and Vermont FFA.

FFA Officers

Three outgoing Vermont State FFA Officers – all from PAHCC – gave their retiring addresses as their terms have come to an end. Katherine Whipple, Ian Goodyear, and Lucas Allen have turned over their offices to others, including PAHCC’s Liam Wagner who was installed as Treasurer. Megan LaFountaine of Vergennes FFA (and a career center student) was elected Secretary.

Big picture

Medical Professions Recognitions

Congratulations to the following students for their accomplishment in their second year of Medical Professions.

Phlebotomy State Certification

Bella Robideau

Madison Cram

Maria Delgadillo

Phlebotomy National Certification

Madison Cram

CCV Dual Enrollment (Human Biology & Medical Terminology) Completers

Emma Brown

Madison Cram

Maria Delgadillo

Maisy Hill

Jill Nop

Connor Raymond

Wyatt Rochon

The following student will sit for their LNA Licensure Exam on June 15th.

Hannah Emmons

Maisy Hill

Maria Delgadillo

Design & Illustration

Two of our students earned the Vermont State Industry Recognized Credential (IRC) for their portfolios in the Design & Illustration category. Portfolios submitted are reviewed by outside industry professionals. Only 26 out of 120 portfolios from across the state (submitted in a variety of media categories) earned an IRC. That's roughly 21%. Congratulations to Junior Zuri Voorhees and Senior Tayden deMeurers. Below is just one image from each of their portfolio submissions.

Mechanical Science

Masonry/Tile Unit

Over the past few months Mechanical Science classes have been exploring masonry and tile by building mini-showers with custom mud decks. Alex Smith of North Point Construction has generously donated 7 afternoons to run one of our classes through all of the various phases of proper custom shower builds including custom floor pans, proper waterproofing and membrane application, as well as proper tile setting techniques. Jen Doane of Distinctive Paint and Interiors (DPI) of Middlebury generously donated all of the tile needed to build 16 mini showers as well as a full size shower. Thank you so much, Jen and Alex, for your time and support!

Construction Technology 1

The last of the Construction Technology 1 sheds was picked up today and delivered to the Legion Baseball field in Vergennes for the Vermont Area Youth League. Thank you to MiddState Towing Co. for helping us. The student-builders did an excellent job!
Big picture

Construction Technology 2

Over the Memorial Day weekend, the Construction Technology 2 class debuted their year-long Tiny House on Wheels project to the local community. In partnership with our project partner, HomesFirstVT, an open house to view the progress, dialogue about affordable housing, and discuss design details was hosted at the Hannaford Career Center on Friday, May 26th. It was a huge success with students able to meet and connect with the local community to show off their hard work. A couple of days later, the Tiny House represented the Hannaford Career Center at the Middlebury Memorial Day Parade. The Tiny House towed beautifully and the students were proud to show off their accomplishments as they tossed candy from the "float."

MCTV captured the Tiny House going around the rotary (starts at 33:29) in the link below.

Memorial Day 2023 w/commentary

Thank you to everyone who has helped make this project possible. With the exterior completed, next year's class will move onto the interior finishing phase of the project. Great work students Lucas Allen, Declan Anderson, Caden Howell, Jeremiah Tinker, and instructor, Nick Cantrick!

Application Details for 2023-2024 Career Center Programs

While the priority deadline for career center applications has passed, students can still apply. If a program is already full, students are placed on a waitlist based on the date their application is received, so don't delay any longer.

Consider the Hannaford Career Center to extend your learning opportunities and help you develop valuable skills for college, career, and life. Check out The Benefits of Career Technical Education (CTE), a 2.5 minute video to get you started about why this choice could be a great fit for you. Then use the links below to learn more or apply to a program. We look forward to seeing you at the Hannaford Career Center.

Program Videos

Be sure to check out our informational videos about each Career Center program on this MCTV YouTube Channel.

Program Descriptions

More details about all career center programs can be found in our course descriptions.

Visiting the Career Center

If visiting would be helpful to determine whether to apply to a program, please contact Ms. Logee, our School Counselor, at 802-382-1007 or blogee@pahcc.org.

Applying to the Career Center

Pre-Technical Program Application Form

Technical Program Application Form

Returning Student Technical Program Application Form

  • If second year technical program students want to attend a different program next year, please complete the “Technical Program Application Form” above.

Fillable PDF Application (download the pdf in order to complete it electronically)

  • Email the completed application to blogee@pahcc.org or print it and turn it in to your high school counselor.

Visit Our Website

For additional information, please visit www.hannafordcareercenter.org or contact Ms. Logee at 802-382-1007 or blogee@pahcc.org.

Your high school counselor is a great resource for your questions about the Career Center.

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Program Advisory Committees

How can community members get involved or support the career center?

State statute requires that each program at the career center have an advisory committee. The committee for each program meets a minimum of twice per school year to review the program and help inform decisions made about the focus and course of study. If you have expertise in one of our program areas and are interested in learning more about how you can help, please contact Jay Stetzel, Assistant Director, at jstetzel@pahcc.org. Thanks.

Career Center Vision & Mission Statements

In the fall of 2019, a team of board members, staff and community members was convened to draft new vision and mission statements, in order to ensure that the Career Center of the Patricia A. Hannaford Regional Technical School District (PAHRTSD) continues to meet the needs of students now and in the future. The new vision and mission reflect the voices of students, staff and community members. We are pleased to be able to share the final outcome with our communities.

Vision Statement

We envision a career and technical center that empowers students to be inquisitive, caring and open-minded citizens of local, national and global communities, who engage as lifelong learners and understand and accept different viewpoints and perspectives.

Mission Statement

We provide students with rigorous, hands-on and classroom instruction, robust community partnerships, and project-based learning opportunities that empower and inspire them to build strong work habits, relevant, innovative technical skills, and a sense of personal responsibility as local, national and global citizens while ensuring equity for all participants.

To learn more about the process, please check out our Vision & Mission Development Summary.

Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center

The Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center ensures equal employment and educational opportunities regardless of race, color, creed, gender, age, handicapping condition/disability, national origin, or sexual orientation, in compliance with federal and state law.