Save a Cupcake

Author: Lisa Papademetriou Project: Skylar Cooper Period 1-2


In my book, there are a lot of different objects that symbol different things. One of them is a cupcake. The cupcake is one of Hayley's favorite thing to make. It also represents the kids favorite thing to eat at school. Unfortunately, her friends mom is in the PTO and is trying to band them from school! Hayley and her best friend, Meghen try to stop her but it doesn't work. That didn't stop Hayley from doing her favorite thing, baking cupcakes!

Book Recommendation

"Save a cupcake" is a fantastic book. I like it because it is interesting and we both love baking cupcakes. If you are into drama and want a relatable book, I highly recommend this book!


The setting of my book is in a small town in Missouri. Hayley lives in a apartment with her mom and grandma above her grandma's bakery. She goes to school at Missouri Middle school. The book is in present day, maybe around 2012.


The theme in this book is stand up for what you love. I recognized this when Hayley doesn't like what the PTO has to say about cupcakes. She makes a petition with her friend to save the cupcakes. She fought and fought but the PTO won and they banned cupcakes from school.