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Thanksgiving - Blessings; December a month to share & rank!

Being Thankful

NOVEMBER has been a busy & interesting month! We experienced a lot of wonderful and kind people as we dealt with Laren's very rare and unusual sarcoma cancer. For those of you who are friends with me on FB you have seen the pictures and followed our journey. He was diagnosed (finally), had surgery, complications, Dr. visits, extended time off from work, and continues recovery. We have much to be grateful for and give all thanks to God's blessings and everyones continued prayers on our behalf. The oils were also a huge blessing in so many different ways. Laren told me he never wants to be without the oils after all they have done and that everyone should have the opportunity to have them (sounds like he is about ready to start teaching his own classes)!

HOUSE UPDATE: We are pushing hard to get the house at least to have a few lights and a kitchen sink and a usable toilet. We are supposed to get the wood stove installed next week, stairs will be built after the vinyl is laid downstairs, the floor in the 1/2 bath is laid, just need to finish it so we can install the toilet! As soon as the rest of the needed materials come in a friend is helping us get the shower going! It will be camping for sure, but it will be camping in style!

REASONS to be THANKFUL (not listed by importance):

  • Laren is healing
  • We have an Out House
  • House is almost camp-able
  • Lexi had no major injuries when she lost control and totaled Laren's car before Thanksgiving!
  • For Praying Friends, Team Members who care and a Faithful God
  • For YOU and all you do to share with others about these very special oils!
  • Thawed pipes (except kitchen)
  • Frankincense, DDR Prime, LLV, lavender, TerraGreens, etc.
  • Family
  • And so, so , so many more!!

BEING SERVED: We have experienced so many wonderful people through this all! From the Dr's, to the WA team members who came over to help on the house and do our laundry, to those who have helped us financially as the medical bills mounted and to those who brought us hay to help us thaw our 5th wheel frozen pipes (the toilet and shower worked again last night having been frozen since before Thanksgiving)!! Serving others is just another reason I love this company of doTERRA! Thank you to everyone of you who reach out to those around you to lead, share and care!


Don't miss this wonderful way to earn FREE Frankincense oil!! Love, love, and am so thankful for this oil for so many reasons. Get your ME (Modern Essential) or LE (Life Essential) books out and check out all the benefits of this oil!!

Remember for every 200pv single order you earn a FREE bottle of Frankincense. Better to place 2- 200pv orders and get two bottles of Frankincense than 1-400pv order and only earn one bottle!

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Ranking in November!

CONGRATULATIONS to these 3 ladies reaching new ranks!


Cindy Grigsby

Dawn Starkey


Wendy Schisler

December is a great month to reach those ranking goals we all have! Share oils, teach classes, serve others...reach the ranking goal you are striving for. YOU CAN DO IT!

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TOP ENROLLERS for Novemeber

What does it take to enroll someone...having a passion for others, health minded and putting self aside! It takes sharing, following up and then mentoring as needed! So thankful for these 5 dedicated people who are sharing and serving others!

Cindy Stanphill

LaVee Hummel

Nanette Haley

Cindy Grigsby

Wendy Schisler

Andrea Rittenour

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For those of you who are considering Diamond Club starting in February, December is the month to qualify! Go to for more details. If you are not wanting to do this yourself this spring, see if your upline is working to qualify and see what you can to to help them reach their goal. Diamond Club is hard work but it benefits everyone! So support your leader, reach out to the person who enrolled you if you have questions and want to know more!
Doterra Class - Natural Solutions using essential oils for your health and home
doTERRA Essential Oils Explained


4 CONTEST'S Something for Everyone:

  1. For everyone that teaches at least 2 classes this month, enrolls 3 people and posts a picture of each class on our FB Group Page your name will be entered in to win a FREE Athlete Kit ($75 wholesale)!
  2. Place at least one single 200pv order in December, PM or email me, and your name will be entered in to win a doTERRA 2016 calendar!
  3. If you live within 75 miles of me, Eureka, MT and you place your 100+pv LRP order by the 15th of December, post on our FB page, pm or email me and you will be entered into a chance to receive a FREE bottle of Peppermint Beadlets!
  4. Email, Text, PM, post on FB, or snail mail me 10 things you are especially thankful for and if you are selected, I will include them in next months newsletter and you will receive a FREE bottle of Rosemary oil (2 winners).

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Moving Forward!

Although at times life can bring it's negative surprises, it doesn't have to prevent us from moving forward, even if it is at a bit slower pace than we would like!! Have Courage!