Mrs Richmond's Newsletter

3rd Grade - Week 13

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What's been happening...What's happening next week?

Reading: This week we we have been looking at poetry techniques such as alliteration and metaphors. We have been identifying examples of these within poems and finding examples. The children have been writing their own Haiku's, shape poems, rhyming poems and free verse poems. Next week we will finish off our poetry unit and publish our poetry for other children to read. We will also complete a short assessment to see what the children have learned about rhyming words, stanzas, lines per stanza, poet's purpose for writing and giving opinions about poetry.

Writing: This week we had lots of fun writing 'What am I?' Haiku's. Children chose an animal and followed the structure of a Haiku to write a poem that did not tell us the name of the animal. The other children in the class had to guess the animal using the clues. We will finish off this poetry unit next week with some Christmas themed poems.

Math: This week week focused on interpreting and creating different types of charts. We spent time answering questions about data in a variety of ways and the children wrote their own questions that could be asked about a set of data. We moved on to looking at line plots and how they show data in a different way. We will finish off next week with number patterns and an end of unit test.

Social Studies: This week we learned about the time zones and how the US is split up into different zones. We worked out what time it would be on the West Coast compared to the East Coast. We also identified why people live where they do and the advantages and disadvantages of living in rural/urban/wilderness and suburban areas. This will be finished off next week!


Information for you

  • I will not be at school on Friday December 19th so all homework and assignments will be completed by Thursday.
  • HOLIDAY SHOP - The holiday shop will stay open next week for a drop ins. If your child would like to visit the shop, please send in the money in an envelope or zippy bag with their name on it.
  • CHRISTMAS CARDS - We will be making some Christmas cards this week to send to a Platoon where a student's brother is located. We hope to spread some Christmas cheer and wish them well over the holidays.
  • SNOWMAN SWEETS - These will be handed out on Thursday 18th December if you have ordered any.
  • CHRISTMAS BREAK - We break up for the Christmas holidays on Friday 19th December at 2:30pm.


This week we turned into Santa's workshop. After visiting the Holiday store, I provided the children with wrapping paper to wrap all their gifts. We had lots of fun and I was so pleased to see all the children working together and helping each other out. It was so lovely to see the children eager to wrap their gifts and build friendships whilst doing so.

Star of the Week

Trace is our Star of the Week! He has completed some fantastic work this week. He has demonstrated excellent understanding of bar charts and the information presented in them and has worked super hard on his reading selections getting 100%. Well done Trace!!
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Table of the Week

This is our Table of the Week! Thank you to all the children on this table: Cooper, Gia, Garrett and Zana! Well done for being ready and following instructions. A special mention to Cooper for being super helpful around the classroom, stacking chairs and keeping us tidy.
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Holiday Party

Thank you to all the parents who have signed up on 'Sign Up Genius' to bring in things for our holiday party next week. We really appreciate your help. Also, thank you to those parents who will be coming in to help set up and tidy up afterwards. There is still time to sign up and help make this is fantastic Holiday Party!